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Vertical Shaping Impact Crusher



2020-12-04 09:57:54 1109

Vertical shaping impact crusher refers to the sand making machine. The sand making machine is a high-yield crushing and shaping equipment that is widely used in mining equipment. It is an impact crushing equipment and is mainly responsible for the deep crushing of various sand and minerals. , The material processed by this crusher has a better grain shape, which can meet the material needs of many fields.

1 High-yield sand making machine (crushing and shaping machine) Principle

The natural sand and gravel materials are firstly crushed by the coarse crusher, and the gravel materials that have been crushed to meet the material requirements are sent into the sand making machine for sand making. A vibrating feeder is used when the material enters the crusher from the feed hopper, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller at a very fast speed, and then thrown out, hits the material lining, rebounds, and impacts diagonally upwards into the vortex cavity Afterwards, it changes to fall, and the material emitted from the impeller runner forms a continuous material curtain, and the crushed material can be discharged from the discharge port. This is the basic working principle. After repeated impact and crushing, it can meet the production requirements. Requirements.

2 How to judge the quality of quality

When a user contacts a device of a certain manufacturer, the first thing to look at is the appearance of the device. Observe the appearance of the equipment for scratches, rust, and paint removal. During trial operation, carefully observe the operation of the equipment, whether there are abnormal sounds and vibrations, and whether there are any loose components. Judging by observing the overall condition of the equipment The formality and professionalism of the manufacturer clearly understand whether the equipment of the manufacturer is credible. The high-yield sand making machine produced by Henan Gold Mine Company, that is, the vertical plastic impact crusher, has very good working performance. The equipment is affected by material moisture during work. The impact of the product is very small, the quality of the finished product is high, and the production efficiency is high. During the production process, the sand and gravel materials can form a certain protective layer, reduce the wear of the fuselage, and extend the service life of the equipment. The equipment produced by the company has been affected by many domestic and foreign The favor of users, the company also sincerely welcomes you to visit our company