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Ways to improve the working efficiency of the fine crushing cone crusher



2020-11-03 09:57:54 1041

The fine crushing cone crusher has the advantages of high crushing ratio, high efficiency, high energy consumption, low product size, etc., and is widely used in many fields. It is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks, especially high-hardness materials. But no one is perfect, fine crushing Cone crushers also have these shortcomings, such as coarser crushing granularity, low automation level, high energy consumption, etc., so how to improve the working efficiency and performance of fine crushing cone crushers has always been a matter of concern. Henan Gold Mine made the following Some improvements.

Gold Mine Fine Crushing Cone Crusher

Crushing cavity design and transformation

Crushing cavity technology is It is called the core technology of the crusher, because the performance characteristics of the crushing cavity of the fine crushing cone crusher play an extremely important role in the production and operation of the crusher. The length of the crushing zone can be increased by shortening the parallel zone, and increasing the crushing volume will set the cone The straight line connection of the crushing surface is changed to a straight line and a curve connection. The connecting points of the moving cone and the fixed cone are staggered to reduce the possibility of blockage, reduce the eccentricity, and increase the speed of the eccentric sleeve to increase the number of crushing and improve production efficiency.

Gold Mine Fine Crushing Cone Crusher

Reasonable selection of interference

In order to ensure that the main shaft and body of the fine crushing cone crusher are in There is no loosening during operation. It is necessary to reduce the interference between the main shaft and the cone body. Although the larger the interference, the stronger it is, but this will increase the stress concentration and reduce the fatigue strength of the main shaft. Therefore, the cone is finely broken. It is very important for the crusher to choose its matching interference reasonably.

Gold Mine Fine Crushing Cone Crusher Production Line Site

Vibrating Screen Improvement

Most of the vibrating screens equipped with fine crushing cone crushers also have some problems. Therefore, the improvement of vibrating screens is also an effective way to improve the working efficiency of fine crushing cone crushers. In the process of improvement, it is necessary to deal with the actual situation. The improvement of the vibrating screen usually includes measures such as increasing the length of the screen surface, increasing the vibration frequency, reducing the installation angle of the screen surface, and improving the feeding method of the structure.

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The increase of the automatic adjustment system

In order to improve the working efficiency of the fine crushing cone crusher, it is necessary to increase the automatic adjustment system. A single-machine-driven rotary distributor is installed at the lower part of the upper vibrating screen, which can solve the problem of uneven feed segregation impact on the moving cone and uneven wear of the village plate. Power control is used to increase the feed automatic control system.

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The above improvements made by Henan Gold Mine to the fine crushing cone crusher have made the cone crusher The machine is more efficient in the production of crushed stone, and the crushing effect is better. If you are interested in the fine crushing cone crusher, you want to know more about fine crushing For information about cone crushers, you can consult Henan Gold Mine for free, and professional technicians will serve you online in real time.