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Western resource development promotes the technical innovation of jaw crusher again



2020-10-15 12:57:54 1149

In recent years, the country has been advocating the development of the western region. The western region is a place rich in mineral resources. This western development has greatly promoted the development of crushing and grinding equipment. In the mining and processing of minerals, the jaw crushing machine-made sand The crushing and grinding equipment such as the mobile crushing station of the machine mill is indispensable, and it also occupies a leading position in the mining machinery industry. This series of equipment is necessary in the process of processing raw ore into materials required by multiple industries. Equipment.

In order to demonstrate the product advantages of the jaw crusher in the construction of the west, the speed stroke and the crushing cavity type are optimized in the design. , It realizes the inter-granular lamination crushing, which significantly increases the output and greatly improves the product shape. The hydraulic adjustment of the discharge opening and the overload protection device greatly improve the operation level of the crusher, making the maintenance simpler and more convenient to operate. Shorter downtime. The two-way iron-pass release hydraulic cylinder can allow iron blocks to pass through the crushing cavity. In the event of iron-over and instantaneous car jams, the machine can hydraulically lift the top and automatically discharge the material, which greatly reduces the demand for the original jaw crusher. The trouble of shutting down for manual discharging, while many other manufacturers crushers will stop due to iron jams. This is another upgrade and innovation of our jaw crusher technology.
From the economy of the western region Construction We understand that the domestic demand for large and medium-sized crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. is strong, and it is very important to do well in the research and development and production of crushers and other mining equipment.