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What are the advantages of high-yield and energy-saving impact crushers



2020-12-14 18:57:54 1085

High-yield and energy-saving impact crusher is a kind of impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, which plays an irreplaceable role in the sand production line. As the demand for sand and gravel aggregates increases, invest in high-yield energy-saving impact crushers There are many users of crushers, so what are the advantages of high-yield energy-saving impact crushers?

1 High-yield energy-saving impact crushers have strong production capacity and high production capacity. Reasonable design, deep cavity rotor, larger throughput, and strong operation stability. Compared with ordinary sand making equipment, under the same conditions, the production capacity can be increased by more than 30%.

2Finished grain type High-quality and high-grade. The high-yield and energy-saving impact crusher uses the crushing principle of rock-to-stone, and the finished artificial sand produced is in a cubic shape with good grades and can be widely used as high-quality sand and gravel aggregates.

3 The high-yield and energy-saving impact crusher is easy to operate and has strong controllability. The hydraulic cover opening device of the equipment makes the parts in the crushing cavity easy to repair and replace, shortens the downtime, saves time and effort. In addition, the equipment is dry oil Lubrication, easy maintenance, saving inspection and maintenance costs. In addition, the vibration display and alarm device should be set up. If the equipment malfunctions, a warning can be issued, and the impact crusher will automatically stop working to avoid unnecessary losses.

4 The replacement frequency of wearing parts is low, and the operating cost is low. The impact crusher adopts a more reasonable design of the impact angle of the crushing cavity material, and there is less friction with the wear-resistant parts. Less wear and tear, low replacement frequency. In addition, the optimized equipment consumes about 25% less energy under the same conditions, which reduces the operating cost of the equipment and saves users expenses.

5 Impact crusher is green Environmental protection and long service life. The equipment has a reasonable design, a special dust-proof device, low maintenance and maintenance requirements, lower operating and wear costs, green environmental protection, energy saving and high yield. At the same time, the impact crusher adopts a thin oil lubrication scheme, each with zero The lubrication effect between the components is good, which reduces the frequency of inspection and maintenance and extends the service life of the equipment.

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