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What are the advantages of mobile crushing station



2020-11-12 00:57:54 1074

The mobile crushing station is a novel rock crushing equipment, which greatly expands the concept of coarse crushing. Its design purpose is to stand on the customers standpoint, and eliminate the obstacles that the crushing site environment brings to the customers crushing operation as the first solution. And to provide customers with high-yield and low-cost project operation hardware facilities. So, what are the advantages of the mobile crushing station

1 The role of the operation is direct and effective

The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to customer requirements for material types in the process, to meet various requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening of users, so as to organize logistics transfer It is more direct and effective, and the cost is greatly reduced.

2 It can crush materials with high moisture content

One of the advantages of the mobile crushing station is that it can crush super high moisture content. The material does not have any requirements for the moisture content of the material, and the relatively viscous material will not be blocked when crushed, because the mobile crushing station is designed without screen bottom and screen, and it can be produced normally in rainy days.

5 Strong adaptability and flexible configuration

The mobile crushing station is aimed at the coarse and fine crushing screening system, which can be operated independently by a single unit or can be flexibly composed of system configuration Combined operation of the unit. The side discharge of the unloading hopper provides the flexibility of various configurations for the screening material conveying method. The diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration can not only supply power to the unit, but also can configure the unit combined power supply for the process system. , Reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

3Reduce material transportation costs

The mobile crushing station can crush the raw materials deeply on site, eliminating the need for materials to be transported away The intermediate link of the on-site re-crushing greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials. In addition, the extended unit can directly send the crushed materials into the transfer cart and turn away from the site.