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What are the advantages of single-stage hammer crusher that make users choose it



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The single-stage crusher is generally used to crush ore and rock that is not too hard, such as limestone, shale, coal, sandstone, clay, etc., and can crush larger-sized stones to the grinding particle size at a time. Users who understand single-stage hammer crushers know that, The single-stage crusher is basically vulnerable parts except for the casing, the rotor hammer liner, etc. So why do so many users choose it? Lets uncover its mystery

What materials can be crushed by a single-stage crusher?

1 The process is simple, low energy consumption, energy saving, and cost saving. The single stage of the single-stage hammer crusher means that in the stone crushing process Among them, the crusher is a one-stage crushing, one equipment is equivalent to a production line, the single machine output is relatively high, it is very energy-saving, and the operating cost is relatively low.

2 Crushing ratio Large, good particle size, high yield The single-stage hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio, the maximum feed can reach 1250mm, and the output is generally less than 38mm, and the bottom is equipped with a grate, which can freely control the output size without vibration Screen. The processed aggregate has a good particle size, and the powder is less than 20%. It is mostly used in the production of concrete (sand cement). It uses impact crushing. The finished product has a good particle shape, round shape, high proportion of materials, no internal cracks, and physical damage Small size and strong support capacity.

3 Redstars new single-stage hammer crusher has been self-improved. The hammer uses advanced technology AMC composite materials, which has a longer life than high-quality Mn18Cr2MoNbRe by 50150 %The rotor adopts WHM two-step super-hard surface deposition technology, which is more than 2 times longer than conventional wear-resistant electrode surfacing. The optimized design of grate seam, the discharge is smoother, the particle size is finer and more uniform, and the life is longer.

Gold Mine single-stage crusher production workshop

From the above analysis, we can know that although the consumption of vulnerable parts of a single crusher is more serious, it is It is a single-stage crusher. The purchase cost of a single piece of equipment is low (usually 1.3 million yuan), and the energy consumption is relatively low. Therefore, the operating cost is relatively low, and the finished product has a good grain shape (especially the cement clinker production is coming) , The market is good, the income is relatively high, so the production prospect is very broad.

Gold Mine Single-stage Crusher After-sales Team

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The single-stage hammer crusher produced by Gold Mine Machinery is a single-rotor crusher. There are 3 models, the output range is 100,420 tons per hour, and it supports customization. Equipment warranty In 2016, free installation guidance and debugging equipment were provided to ensure user benefits.