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What are the advantages of special crusher hammer crusher compared to other crushers



2020-09-12 21:57:54 1043

At present, there are many users who come to Redstar to purchase Redstar special crusher hammer crushers. The main reason is that Redstar hammer crushers have more superior advantages than other crushers.

In addition to the common ones. In addition to the advantages of the hammer crusher, the outstanding feature of the Gold Mine hammer crusher is that the position and angle of the two impact plates are adjusted by hydraulic control, which is very convenient to use.

(1) When the load exceeds 26.5X103kg, the working cylinder begins to retract (its response agility is adjusted by the throttle valve), the action valve begins to drain, the maximum reading of the pressure gauge is 15.1MPa, and the measured thrust of the piston rod does not exceed 26.7X103ke can ensure that the machine is limited to the designed crushing force.

(2) The load is changed in any way under 26.5X103kg, the pressure gauge is kept at 15Mh, and the working cylinder keeps its setting The position remains the same, the action valve does not move, and the measured piston rod thrust is 26.5lXl03kg
We conducted a simulation experiment on the hydraulic overload protection system. The working cylinder is a high-pressure cylinder with a diameter of 150mm, and the plunger-type fuel injection pump has a fuel injection adjustment range. For 01.5mL times, the oil pressure is maintained at 15MPa by adjusting the nut of the oil pressure adjusting device. If the product produced by the non-crushing material enters the crushing chamber, it can be removed by the auxiliary device.
(3) Overload protection when hammer crushing When the crushing chamber of the machine (hammer crusher) enters the non-crushing object, the crushing force increases. At this time, the pressure of the hammer crusher thrust plate acting on the working cylinder is higher than the thrust provided by the hydraulic cylinder. The medium oil pressure rises instantaneously, the throttle valve causes the action valve to act, and the system (hydraulic cylinder) drains the oil to limit the thrust plate to withstand the thrust (ie, the crushing force) to protect the machine.
(4) When it works normally, it is broken The pressure of the thrust plate acting on the working cylinder is lower than the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, the action valve is in the upper limit position, the thrust plate does not move, the crusher normally crushes the material, and the rotation of the cam device drives the plunger injection pump to supply the system High pressure oil.