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2020-08-11 03:57:54 1060

The jaw crusher produced by Gold Mine Machinery has high technical content, low price, and thoughtful after-sales service. It is an ideal crushing equipment for mines. This crushing equipment can bring you more benefits and save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. br/>The jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple work, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and economical costs. It is widely used in many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries. The crushing compressive strength does not exceed 320 Various materials of MPa.
Always pay attention to and do a good job of lubricating the friction surface in time, which can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life. The grease used in the jaw crusher should be based on the temperature conditions of the place where it is used Depending on the following, calcium-based sodium-based and calcium-sodium-based greases are generally used. The grease added to the bearing housing is about 50% of the space volume and replaced every 36 months. Clean gasoline or kerosene should be used when changing the oil Clean the raceways of the roller bearings. Before the jaw crusher is started, an appropriate amount of grease should be injected between the thrust plate and the thrust plate support. The jaw crusher has a simple structure, reliable work, convenient maintenance, and economical operation costs. The body is treated with welding residual stress It is very strong afterwards.
If you carefully maintain your machine according to our recommendations, then I think your machine will operate stably and without quality problems within 10 years.