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What are the popular models of jaw crushers in 2020? How much is the price



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For jaw crushers, friends in the sand and gravel industry should be familiar with it. It is a classic and practical stone coarse crushing artifact in crushing production. Recently, some users have consulted about the prices of popular jaw crusher models in 2020. Lets take a closer look. Understand.

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2020 Jaw Crusher Popular Models

No matter you Whether it is used for mining crushing or crushing in water conservancy, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, jaw crushers are essential coarse crushing equipment. At present, the popular models of jaw crushers include CJ European version HD German version and mobile jaw crusher The specific details are as follows

CJ European version of jaw crusher

Production capacity 651250th

Performance advantage adopts wedge type discharge port method, The adjustment is easier, and the advanced technology has the advantages of small space occupation, large crushing ratio, reliable equipment, and stable performance.

Large crushing ratio and high production efficiency

HD German version of jaw crusher

Production capacity 50910th

Performance advantage adopts V-shaped cavity design, large crushing ratio, and high manganese steel resistant Grinding material, long service life of the equipment, high crushing efficiency, stable and reasonable speed, large feed particle size, high output, uniform particle size, etc.

Deep V crushing cavity design , Large output

Mobile jaw crusher

Production capacity 40650th

Performance advantage It can move by itself without piling to fix it, and it can be driven to the site It can be used directly, and it can be equipped with CJHD German version and other models. It is highly intelligent, can realize one-click operation, and produce flexible and green intelligence. It is a must-have crushing artifact for modern stone factories.

High degree of intelligence, freedom of walking, and wider application range

How much is the price of jaw crusher in 2020

We have learned about jaw crusher above The three popular models of the machine, the following will introduce the price of the equipment that you are also very concerned about. Since these equipment is not a single fixed, there are also multiple models below, large, medium and small, and the production output of different models is the same, resulting in equipment prices There are high and low, and the difference is big. The price of a device on the market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to several million. It is impossible to quote accurately. Users should make a reasonable choice according to their actual needs.

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Crushing Equipment Manufacturer Selection

Gold Mine Machinery Manufacturer has rich experience in producing crushing equipment, The quality is guaranteed. If you have not selected a satisfactory manufacturer, you may wish to learn more first. If you want to know more about the jaw crusher or want a detailed quotation for the jaw crusher, you can directly consult Redstar online Customer service, there are professional technical managers to serve you at any time, Gold Mine will treat every user with heart.