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What are the safety devices of the compound cone crusher



2020-10-30 06:57:54 1056

In the production of composite cone crushers, in order to ensure the safety of various transmission parts and increase the safety of workers, the equipment must be operated and maintained by the specified methods. As a member of the domestic mining machinery industry, the composite cone crusher produced by our company is more It is in an advanced position. It attaches great importance to the safety device of the composite cone crusher. Lets introduce its safety device.

1Dustproof device

In production, the medium and fine crushers often produce more dust than the coarse crushing compound cone crushers such as the gyratory crusher. Therefore, it is required to have a complete dust-proof device. At present, most medium and fine crushers are sealed with water Dust-proof.

2The lubrication of the crusher

All friction surfaces on the composite cone crusher are lubricated by thin oil circulation. Thin oil enters from the end cover of the center sleeve When the oil hole enters, the oil enters the thrust plate of the eccentric bushing and also enters the grooves to lubricate the thrust plate. After the thin oil lubricates the center hole on the inner and outer surface of the inner and outer surface of the eccentric sleeve of the center hole of the thrust disk in turn, it also The friction surfaces are lubricated, and finally after the spherical bearing and the bevel gear are lubricated, the oil is discharged along the oil drain hole. The transmission bearing uses another separate oil circuit for oil supply and oil discharge for circulating lubrication.

3 The safety device of the crusher

This device is a ring of 16 sets of springs installed on the frame. The working mechanism is when the non-crushed material enters the crushing cavity. , The spring will lift the fixed cone and the supporting ring upward, and be compressed to increase the distance between the movable cone and the surface of the fixed cone, and promote the discharge of non-crushed objects from the discharge port to avoid damaging the crusher. After eliminating the danger, the spring returns .

4 discharge port adjustment

Hydraulic cylinders play a pivotal role in adjusting the discharge ports, and the accumulator in the hydraulic system It can play a role in supplementing leakage and buffering. When the discharge port is not suitable, the oil in the hydraulic cylinder enters the non-rear cavity of the hydraulic cylinder to push the piston forward, the push head makes the pawl swing outward, and the dust cover soil platform After moving a boss spacing in a circle, the discharge port will be reduced or increased by about 1mm. This realizes the adjustment of the discharge port and avoids the accumulation of particles in the crushing cavity causing dangerous accidents.