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What are the small gravel machine production equipment and how much



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The stone crushing machine used in the quarry can crush all kinds of mining stones, with low energy consumption and good green environmental protection performance. Small stone crushing machine is also called small stone grinding machine, small powder stone machine, small stone crushing machine, etc. , The main function is to break various types of stones into building stones of different specifications, and then they are widely used in various basic engineering constructions, with small investments and large returns. When users purchase small stone crushers, they need to consider more comprehensively. There are a variety of factors, only suitable crushing equipment can bring high profits. What are the small crushing machine production equipment and how much is the following to introduce you to these problems, specifically as follows

The jaw crusher at work

What are the production equipment of the small crusher?

1Coarse crusher, small jaw crusher Stone crushing machine

It is a more commonly used coarse crushing machine. It has a large crushing ratio and a high structure. It is simple and easy to maintain. It is suitable for various high hardnesses such as mountain stone, quartz stone, basalt rock, limestone, granite, concrete block, construction waste, etc. The crushing operation of materials, and the jaw plate of the equipment is made of thickened high manganese steel, which can extend the service life of the equipment. Among them, the HD German version of the jaw crusher and the CJ European version of the jaw crusher are the introduction of foreign advanced technology and combined with domestic users It is an upgraded version of ordinary jaw crusher, which is developed by production habits. It plays a very important role in coarse crushing. Small model jaw crushers with an hourly output of 200 tons include PE400600CJ96HD72(57), etc.

2Small cone crusher for medium crushing machine

Single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. These two types are new types of crushing machinery for processing high-hardness materials, which make up for The traditional composite hydraulic crusher and spring crusher have the disadvantage of low overload protection rate and quick replacement of needle-shaped multiple wear parts. Small-scale cone crushers with an output of 200 tons per hour include PSG900SC100SHXHP200, etc.

Small jaw crusher display picture

Small cone crusher workshop real shots

3 fine crushing Machine small fine crusher (can crush stone and make sand)

It can be used as fine crushing equipment or sand making equipment in the sand and gravel production line. The product size of the small fine crusher is 18mm, which can be discharged The size of the mouth is adjusted. The small size crusher with an output of 200 tons per hour has the PXJ fine crusher.

4 One-time small hammer crusher

Small hammer crusher is One of the small crushing machines can produce crushing equipment of various sizes and specifications. It has three types of crushing effects of coarse, medium and fine crushing. It can break stones below 600mm into 510mm1015mm1520mm size specifications, and it is formed at one time, and the equipment performance is stable. The production efficiency is high and the cost is low. There are PCZ series and PCX series heavy hammer crushers, and the small type hammer crusher with an output of 200 tons per hour has PCZ13 08PCX0808PCX0910 etc.

Real shots of the delivery site of the Gold Mine fine crusher

Various types of small hammer crushers Machine

5Integrated production of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is a comprehensive gravel crushing equipment that integrates feeding, crushing (sand making), and screening. It can be combined with fixed equipment such as jaw crusher, counter-attack crusher, cone crusher, etc., with higher production efficiency and better performance.

Mobile crusher production site live shots

How much does it cost to buy a small grindstone machine

This is a topic that the majority of investment users are very concerned about, but before introducing the price of the equipment, lets first understand that it will affect the small Factors in the price of stone grinding machines.

1 Different types of equipment

There are many types of small stone crushing equipment, and the prices are different, and there are multiple types of equipment for each type The model of the equipment depends on the actual price of the user.

2 Different manufacturers

The quotations given by the equipment manufacturers are different. The Gold Mine machine manufacturer is A large direct selling type manufacturer, the prices of small gravel machines sold to users are all ex-factory prices.

So how much is the price of a small gravel machine to buy a small gravel machine in the market? The price ranges from 30,000 to 150,000 yuan. According to the above introduction, it can be understood that there are many types of equipment that meet the production standard, and the purchase price will be different for different user requirements and different model choices. It is impossible to give an accurate The specific equipment quotation can be sold by the manufacturer.

Users crushing site real shot video sharing

Gold Mine Machinery Small Stone Crushing Equipment Manufacturers

The small gravel machines produced by Gold Mine Machinery include jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, sand machines, etc., with many types of equipment, superb technology, and strong production capacity. You can learn more about Henan Gold Mine Machinery Manufacturers

1 Rich experience, more than 40 years of factory establishment, rich technical experience, strong production capacity, strong manufacturer strength. Large green production plants can meet the production of various parts, Redstar technicians have mastered a number of process technologies, and the quality of the equipment is guaranteed.

2 Pay attention to the quality of the equipment and strictly control every process of production. The factory equipment is only issued to users after passing the formal quality system certification. It is not easy to wear or fail during use, which can reduce the users investment cost.

3The service is guaranteed, from pre-sales to after-sales, all-round service for users, and timely solutions to users various problems, free of charge. On-site installation of equipment and technical guidance to ensure that users can produce on time.

Gold Mine Machines small grinding stones are all direct sales from the factory, and there is no middleman to make the difference. It is affordable. Generally speaking, one unit can be discounted from 230,000. In addition, Gold Mine can provide users with free guidance for purchasing and free selection and other services. For users who are new to this industry, Gold Mine machines provide full assistance. , Can help you put into production more quickly and reduce unnecessary troubles. Gold Mine Machine sincerely welcomes you to have a look at the factory, please click on the online consultation and contact us.

Gold Mine Large-scale equipment production workshop, giving you high-quality equipment