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What crusher is used to crush granite and how much is a set



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Granite has high hardness, hard texture, stable chemical and physical properties, and strong wear resistance. It is a very useful building material. With the vigorous implementation of artificial sand making projects, more and more users are turning their attention to granite making In the sand project, the quality of the raw materials is high, the storage capacity is abundant, and the mining cost is not high. After a series of processing, the sand and gravel are sold well in the market, so what kind of crusher is used to crush granite and how much is an analysis in this article.

The demand for granite is large and the storage capacity is abundant.

What kind of crusher is used to crush granite?

The texture of granite is relatively hard, The performance requirements of the equipment are relatively high. Equipment such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, and mobile crushers are good choices. The equipment has strong wear resistance, and the probability of failure of vulnerable parts is relatively small. Introduction to the performance of the equipment As follows

1 Jaw Crusher

For rough crushing of granite, the crushing ratio is large, the structure is simple, the power is large, and the squeezing force of the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate It is strong, can crush large pieces of stone, deep cavity crushing has no dead zone, strong processing capacity, high output, uniform particle size of the finished product, and delicate design of flywheel parameters, which makes the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable.

Jaw crusher factory display

2Cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly for high hardness Broken treatment, advanced structural design, special hydraulic device can protect the equipment, lift the inner cone, remove foreign objects, automatically reset to continue the operation, has the function of cleaning the cavity, and can also adjust the size of the discharge port to control the discharge specification and meet the users requirements Different requirements, incorporating dust removal and noise reduction technologies, have achieved green and environmentally friendly operations, and have been environmentally friendly.

Granite crushing installation site

3 Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is also called sand making machine. It is a fine crushing equipment. It adopts a new four-port impeller deep cavity design structure and a special sealing structure. It has a high output and energy saving effect. The combined throwing head , Reduce the wear parts, only need to replace the wear parts, save the production cost, the middle and the peripheral feeding, the adjustment is more flexible, the replacement of the parts is relatively simple and convenient, the discharge of the material has a good grain shape and presents a good cubic shape.

Customers come to visit the impact crusher

4Mobile crusher

This is a new type of crushing equipment, Combining a variety of functional equipment can form an independent and complete production line, which can be moved in and out of the production site freely. It does not require cement piling. You can go wherever you think. It saves process and time. It uses a dual-purpose power unit. Worry about power outages or no electricity, intelligent operation is more convenient, reducing on-site workers.

The new mobile crushing plant has many advantages

How much is a crusher for crushing granite

Different equipment is configured, and the investment cost will be different. Generally, crushing granite requires a variety of equipment to cooperate, and the output requirements of users are different. The configured models are also different, and the corresponding equipment prices are also different. The market quotation is high or low. Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the more expensive the price, so users can choose according to their own circumstances, and cannot blindly pursue low prices and give up quality .

One-stop service to help you succeed

Generally speaking, the price of a fixed crusher is between 2.8 million yuan and mobile The price of the crusher is between 503 million yuan. The specific manufacturer is different, and the quotation will be different. You can consult Henan Gold Mine Machinery. The manufacturer is formal and reliable. The equipment is sold at the ex-factory price to save the users investment cost. Click on the online consultation. Professionals make a quotation for you.