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What crushers are needed for the 1213 stone production line with an hourly output of 200 tons



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We often hear customers request the production of 1213 stones. What does the customer say about 1213 stones mean? Is it a new type of stone material? 1213 stones are not a new material, but two specifications of stones. The stone is 1020mm gravel, and the 13 stone is 1631.5mm gravel. It is mainly used in the construction of railways and highways. It is the two commonly used stones in the stone production standards.

Gold Mine Machine It is a mining equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of stone crushing machinery. It produces various types of 1213 stone crushers with complete models. We have more than 40 years of production experience, strictly control product quality, and continue to develop various types of machinery. Improve product performance.

200 tons per hour 1213 stone crusher

In the 1213 stone production process, different crushers are needed. If the material size is relatively large, you need If the jaw crusher is configured for coarse crushing, if the hardness of the material is relatively high, a cone crusher should be equipped after the jaw crusher. If the grain shape of the finished product is required, the terminal crushing equipment should be equipped with an impact crusher or a sand making machine.

The jaw crusher coarse crushing equipment, with large crushing ratio, high output, and affordable

Cone crushing medium and fine crushing equipment, good at handling high-hard materials, strong stability

Counter-breaking medium and fine crushing processing equipment, the finished product has a good grain shape, and the process flow is simplified.

Sand making machine-made sand production equipment has a shaping function for the finished product, with excellent output particle size and less dust.

Four kinds of common stone crushers

200 tons per hour stone production line configuration

The whole production line needs to be used In addition to the stone crusher, it is also equipped with feeding, screening and conveying devices. The following are two common configuration schemes.

Scheme 1 vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack vibrating screen conveyor .

Program two vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen conveyor.

Of course, the specific configuration plan still depends on the customers production project itself. According to the actual situation, the above two schemes are just the more common production equipment combinations given by our company.

Crushing line site

When The price of the 200-ton 1213 stone production line

As for the price of the entire production line, the price must be set according to different configurations. The price will naturally be high or low, and the 200th 1213 stone production line can also be configured. The price of the mobile production line naturally depends on the equipment model. For the specific model, please click on the online consultation to learn more about the production line configuration plan and detailed quotation. Gold Mine Machine sincerely invites interested customers to visit the factory, pick up by car, visit the site, and more The service is waiting for you to experience.