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What elements need to be done for cone crusher to be better



2020-10-26 09:57:54 1084

When we use cone crushers, we need to pay attention to several issues. In the process of use, we mainly made some introductions to some maintenance aspects of cone crushers. If we want to use these cone crushers, then we have to follow We understand some of the following about the cone crusher, and finally make our cone crusher have a better development

1. Small repair for cone crusher The machine can check, clean, measure the wear of the tooth surface, check the wear of the liner, and replace it if necessary.
2 After the repair, the oil volume is adjusted to adjust the gap of each part, the bolts of each part are strengthened, individual liners are replaced or the wear of the liner is checked, Repair the feeder.
3 During the repair, replace some parts of the feed, replace the small gear wheel and bearing of the ball mill drive, and check the disassembly of the reduction box. The large gear can be adjusted and used according to the situation after 35 years of operation, and the hollow shaft operates for 35 years Measurements should be carried out.
4 Overhaul, disassembly, inspection, cleaning and measurement, according to the wear condition, repair or replace the ball mill gear, hollow shaft, spherical bush, drive shaft pinion and cylinder, repair and replace electrical components, after the electrical equipment is overhauled, the ball mill must be carried out Trial operation and acceptance work.
These are very important to us. I hope that we all will learn more about these when using them, so that our cones will develop better in peacetime. Only in this way can we It can make our countrys economy develop faster and achieve our goals, article source