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What equipment is needed for a sand making production line with an output of 150 tons per hour



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The 150-ton-per-hour sand-making production line has moderate output and affordable price. At the moment when a handful of sand and an inch of gold is very popular, it is very popular with investors. Then how much does it cost to buy a 150-ton-per-hour sand production line? Which equipment is the answer for everyone in this article.

A handful of sand and a handful of gold, investment in a sand production line is worthwhile

150 tons per hour A complete set of commonly used equipment for sand making production line

Crushing all kinds of rocks in nature into sand with different specifications and finenesses cannot be achieved by one sand making machine. It requires multiple equipment to complete, such as Feeding device, primary crushing equipment, secondary crushing equipment, sand making equipment, sand washing equipment, screening equipment, transportation equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc., each type of equipment plays an irreplaceable role in the sand making process. Here is a brief introduction for everyone

HVI sand making machine with high configuration and high performance, producer of high-quality sand

feeding device ZSW380x95 vibrating feeder

First-level crushing equipment Jaw crusher (PE600750PE600900HD86HD98CJ96, etc.)

Secondary crushing equipment, Cone crusher (HXGYS300HXHP200SC100S, etc.) Impact crusher (PF1214HD1110CI1110, etc.)

Sand making equipment HVI0815 sand making machine HVI0818 sand making machine HXVSI9526 sand making machine etc.

Sand washing equipment 3020 sand washing machine 3121 sand washing machine etc.

Sand production line with 150 tons/hour output for Gold Mine users

Sand production line with 150 tons/hour output

Raw stones of various sizes in the raw material pile are vibrating Under the action of the feeder, it is uniformly and continuously transported to the primary crushing equipment, which is crushed into small stones with relatively uniform particle size, and then transported to the secondary crushing equipment for further crushing treatment and grinding to a smaller particle size The stones are finally transported to the sand making machine for sand production. The sand crushed by the sand making machine enters the screening machine for screening and classification. The qualified sand is sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning and then transported to the finished product pile. The unqualified sand is returned The sand making machine performs secondary crushing until it meets the requirements and sends it to the finished product pile.

Stone crushing sand making flow chart

The above is a complete one. The general process of the sand making production line, but in actual production, the specific processing conditions of each user are different. For example, some users need to process raw materials that have been processed, and the primary crushing and secondary crushing can be omitted. At this stage, some users have lower requirements for the quality of sand, so the sand washing process can be omitted, etc., so the sand making process with an hourly output of 150 tons is not fixed. The specific configuration plan depends on the actual situation of the user. Only tailor-made sand production lines are better Save investment costs for users and bring greater benefits.

Detailed quotation of 150 tons/hour sand production line

150 tons/hour sand production line configuration and Quotation has always been a problem that users are very concerned about, but there is no unified quotation on the market for the price of sand making production lines, mainly because the price of production lines is affected by many factors.

Various models of Gold Mine sand making equipment, available from stock, and affordable

1 The production line configuration plan is different, the quotation is different, the more complex the process, the more advanced the configuration, the higher the production line price .

2 The price level at the location of the manufacturer will also affect the purchase cost of the sand production line. In areas with high price levels, the casting cost of the equipment is high, and the price is high.

3 Manufacturers The sales model will also have an impact on the purchase cost of the sand production line. Direct-sale manufacturers sell at the factory price, and there is no middleman to make the difference. Under the same quality, the price is more affordable.

So, When purchasing sand production lines, users can prefer second-tier cities such as Henan, look for powerful manufacturers, and purchase high-quality and cost-effective sand-making equipment.

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