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What factors affect the explosion of coal dust



2020-07-27 15:57:54 1049

The solid particles generated during the transportation, storage and processing of coal mining (jaw crusher) that escape to the atmosphere. Coal dust pollutes the air and affects the health of miners. When the air reaches a certain concentration, it will cause an explosion and cause disasters. So what factors affect the explosion of coal dust?

1 Coal volatile matter. Generally speaking, the higher the combustible volatile matter content of coal dust, the stronger the explosiveness (ie Coal with a low degree of coalification. Coal dust is highly explosive), and its explosiveness decreases with the degree of coalification.

2 Coal dust particle size. The particle size has a great impact on the explosiveness. Coal below 1M Dust particles may participate in the explosion, and the explosion risk increases rapidly with the reduction of particle size. Coal dust below 75P, especially coal dust with 3075 bu, is highly explosive. Under the same coal type and different particle size conditions, the explosion pressure varies with the particle size. Decrease and increase, the explosion range also expands, that is, the explosiveness increases. The ignition temperature of coal dust with different grains is different. The smaller the particle size of coal dust, the lower the required ignition temperature, and the faster the flame propagation speed. .

3 The ash and moisture of coal. The ash in coal is a non-combustible substance, which can absorb energy, block thermal radiation, destroy the chain reaction, and reduce the explosiveness of coal dust. The impact of coal ash on explosiveness It is also related to the amount of volatile content. Coal dust with a volatile content of less than 15 gong has a significant impact on ash content greater than 15, and natural ash has almost no effect on the explosion of coal dust. Moisture can reduce the explosiveness of coal dust, because water The heat absorption capacity is large, which can promote the agglomeration of fine dust particles into larger particles, reduce the total surface area of the umbrella particles, and at the same time reduce the tortoise ability of falling dust.

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