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What is the basic problem in the use of cone crusher



2020-08-22 21:57:54 1050

In the process of using cone crusher, many of our users will use it, but we cannot control some details in the process of use. Before using cone crusher, we must first consider some basic factors. In order to make our cone crusher have a better development prospects

1. The crushing capacity of the cone crusher is 20 to 30 tons. The speed of the rotor of the machine is between 500rmin
2. The maximum material feeding size is less than 150mm.
3. The allowable humidity of the material of the cone crusher is less than 9%. The maximum discharge size of the crusher cannot exceed 10mm.< br/>4. The degree of crushing of the cone crusher is medium to fine crusher. The application place of the cone crusher is the thermal power plant of the cement plant selection plant.
5. The crushing object of the cone crusher is limestone, coal, bottle, gypsum and other soft materials.

During the use process, we need to understand the above content of our cone crusher. Only by better understanding of our cone crusher can we really get us The result of this is to complete the tasks of our users, so as to better develop our countrys economy. The main products produced by Henan Gold Mine Machinery include jaw crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, and impact crushers. Cone crusher, compound crusher, fine crusher, single-stage crusher, roller crusher, mobile crushing station, belt conveyor, sand production line, linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, vibration Heavy crushing equipment such as feeders.