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What is the manual sanding process and how much is a set of manual sanding equipment



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Artificial sand is relative to natural sand. It uses a series of equipment to process various types of rocks and stones, and even construction waste, into various specifications of sand that meet the needs of construction sand. The sand produced by the artificial sand production line has uniform grain size and quality. Excellent wear resistance, high compressive strength, controllable particle size, and controllable output. In many aspects, it is better than natural sand. The market demand is large. Therefore, it is very popular with sand and gravel users and has become a hot investment project at the moment. What is the artificial sanding process and how much is a set of artificial sanding equipment. This article will introduce you in detail.

Artificial sand has become the main force in the market for sand supply, with strong demand and broad prospects

Introduction to the manual sanding process

The manual sanding production line is to grind various materials into different specifications of sand through a series of equipment that cooperate with each other. This process is commonly used The equipment arrived includes raw material silo feeder, jaw crusher, counter-attack cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor environmental protection device, centralized electronic control, etc., according to different user processing material attributes, finished product specifications, capacity requirements and other conditions. A variety of equipment such as a hammer crusher for roller crushing and mobile crushing are often used.

Manual sanding process

The above is the normal situation. Next, a complete configuration plan for the sand-blasting production line, but in the actual production process, due to different specific conditions, there are differences in the production line configuration plan. The following is a brief list of several Gold Mine user sites

1 Hunan users Rock sand production line jaw crushing sand making machine

Hunan users rock sand sand production line jaw breaking sand making machine

2 Hubei users cobblestone sand production line jaw crusher cone sand making machine

Hubei users cobblestone sand production line jaw crusher cone sand maker

3Shandong users mobile cobblestone sanding production line mobile jaw crusher mobile cone mobile vibrating screen

Shandong users mobile cobblestone sanding production line mobile jaw Breaking mobile cone mobile vibrating screen

What are the investment advantages of artificial sanding compared to natural sand?

Natural sand is depleted day by day. In addition to strict environmental protection inspections, all regions have adopted Measures, adopting a ban on mining and limiting mining of natural sand, the supply of natural sand is insufficient, machine-made sand has become the main force in the market, and the prospects are broad, but there are also many users who are skeptical. Is artificial sanding worth investing in? What are the investment advantages of sand?

Compared with natural sand, artificial sand is better than natural sand.

1 Artificial sand is free from environmental restrictions. On the verge of a river, you can get sand nearby according to your needs.

2Manual sand blasting efficiency is high and production capacity is controllable. When sand and gravel resources are scarce, sand can be continuously supplied to meet market demand

3 The artificial sand grading is better, the sand produced by the sand blasting equipment has a good grain shape and less powder content, which meets the needs of high standards of sand, and the structure is stronger and more reliable

4 The artificial sand-blasting granularity is controllable, the coarse sand, the medium-sand and the fine sand are in place in one step, which can meet the needs of the market for various sand use.

5 The cost of manual sand-blasting is lower. The equipment is diverse, the sand formation rate is high, and the benefits are considerable.

6 Manual sand sanding is more environmentally friendly. The current new sand sanding equipment is equipped with advanced environmental protection devices, which can easily achieve zero dust and zero pollution, which is in line with national environmental protection. Requirement.

How much is a set of manual sand-removing equipment?

I believe that there are already many users who are excited to see here. They want to purchase sand-removing equipment and invest in sand-removing production lines. So how much does a set of manual sand-blasting equipment cost?

Manual sand-blasting equipment is diverse, and different sand-blasting equipment has different operating principles and different sand-blasting effects, which are suitable for different sand production lines. The quotations corresponding to different sand-blasting equipment are also different.

Common sand-blasting equipment collection

The configuration plan of the manual sand-blasting production line is based on the user Different processing needs, the specific matching schemes are also very different, and the corresponding quotations are also very different, ranging from tens of thousands to millions. Basically, the greater the production line capacity, the more complex the configuration, and the more expensive the corresponding price. .

Users come to Gold Mine factory to visit and purchase sand-making equipment

In addition, the quotation of the equipment will be subject to market conditions and manufacturers sales The quality of model equipment is affected by various factors such as the price level of the manufacturers location. Therefore, even the same model of the same model of equipment, different manufacturers in different regions and different time periods are different, so if you want to know the specific quotation of sand-blasting equipment, you need to consult specific Manufacturers.

Gold Mine equipment is of high quality and low price, and is sold all over the world.

If you have any needs in this regard, you can click for free consultation and let you know For the specific processing situation, Gold Mine technicians will serve you online in real time.