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What is the output of a set of fixed stone crushers and how much does it cost



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Fixed crushed stone production mode

The fixed crushed stone production line is a more classic and popular crushed stone production mode. It is mainly used for crushing various hard stones such as granite, cobblestone, calcite, limestone, etc. .

Because the construction of the entire production line is more complicated and inconvenient to disassemble, it is mostly used for long-term investment in the crushing and processing of certain materials or production where the supply of goods is relatively stable. Fixed crushed stone production is less invested in the early stage, The output is relatively large, and the equipment maintenance is simple.

The entire crushing production cannot be realized by a single crusher. It also needs to be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as feeder vibrating screens, and different projects even There are also multiple stone crushers working together.

Stationary stone crushing site

A full set of stationary stone crushers
< The complete set of fixed rock crushers can be divided into primary crushers, secondary crushers and tertiary crushers according to the requirements of the feed and discharge particle types of crushing production. The raw materials are evenly fed into the jaw crusher through the feeder. In the first stage of crushing, the crushed stones will then enter the cone crusher or impact crusher for the second stage of crushing. If there are higher requirements for the particle size and particle size of the finished product, it will also go through the sand making machine for the second stage. Three-stage crushing work.

1 Primary crushing 1200mm maximum feed

The jaw crusher can crush stones up to 1200mm, extrusion crushing, simple structure, The price is cheap.

Jaw crusher

2 secondary crushing 3mm minimum output

cone crusher , By adjusting the size of the discharge port, the minimum discharge particle size of 3mm can be achieved. Because of the principle of extrusion crushing, the finished product is multi-needle flake

Cone Crusher

Impact crusher, the minimum output is 10mm, the principle of impact crushing, the output particle type is better.

Impact crusher

3 Three-stage fine sand crushing and shaping

The fineness of the finished product of the sand making machine can reach 05mm. It is mainly used for fine sand production and finished product shaping, especially for the production of cone crushers. Finished products.

Sand making machine

The output of the fixed crushed stone production line can be dozens of tons per hour, even thousands of tons, according to the users output It is required to select the equipment model. The opposite of the fixed type is the mobile type. Because the mobile type is limited by size, the type of crusher that can be installed is limited, and the output is relatively low.

The price of a set of crushers

As a large-scale crushing production equipment supplier, Gold Mine Machinery provides fixed crushers with excellent performance and stable operation to protect customers safe and green production.

A full set of crushing There are more production and matching equipment, plus today Advocating green production, in order to protect the environment, it is also necessary to configure auxiliary dust removal equipment. These equipment must be priced according to the model. Specifically, you must understand the customers production project requirements before giving a quotation. For details, please click online consultation.