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What is the working principle of the impact hammer crusher?



2020-11-26 18:57:54 1090

At present, many people know what the impact crusher is used for and what is the principle, but many users are still too clear about how the impact hammer crusher works and what materials can be used for it. Gold Mine Machine Factory technical staff details description The impact hammer crusher can be used for pan-building materials ore crushing railway, highway energy, transportation energy, cement, mining and chemical industries for medium and fine materials. The following is an introduction to the crushing principle of the machine.

The first stage

The internal area of the impact hammer crusher is carried out. First, the material is hammered into the crushing area with a high-speed rotating plate hammer. The material is impacted by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer. Crushing, the material is crushed in the set flow channel along the first and second counterattack plates for a certain time and a certain length of repeated impact.

The second stage

At this time , The material starts to be crushed, and the materials still collide with each other. Because the material is hit by the hammer and the impact of the counterattack plate and the collision between the materials, the materials continue to produce cracks, loose and crushed. When the particle size of the material is smaller than the counterattack plate When the gap between the hammer and the hammer is unloaded. Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the size and shape of the material.

The third stage

Finally, it is to screen the discharged material. The incoming material 95 is crushed into finished products. The parameters (referring to the size of the discharge port) are set at the discharge port of the impact hammer crusher. If the crushed material is too large If it cannot be discharged, it will continue to be crushed in the machine until it is a finished product. After the materials collide with each other, they will form a vortex motion between the turntable and the casing, causing multiple blows and crushing. Until the particle size of the material is smaller than the impact plate and the blow The gap between the plates can be unloaded.