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What to do if the capacity of cone crusher is insufficient in sand and gravel production



2020-11-01 00:57:54 1035

In sand and gravel plants, sometimes due to the need to catch up with the construction period, it is often necessary to increase the crushing efficiency of the crusher to improve the production of sand and gravel, so it must conflict with the production capacity of the cone crusher that is limited during the purchase period, and the cone bankruptcy capacity is insufficient. In order to support high-strength crushing, it will inevitably affect the economic benefits of the sand and gravel plant, so is there a way to temporarily solve this emergency situation

After our factory Over the years of research, a supporting plan has been developed to meet this temporary need to increase the crushing efficiency. The plan is to temporarily replace the moving cone and increase the diameter and weight of the moving cone, thereby improving the crushing efficiency of the cone crusher. In addition, It is also possible to use multiple crushing production lines to make up for the low crushing efficiency of a single production line. Of course, the sand and gravel plant can also contact the crusher manufacturer to modify or redesign the equipment. The first method to replace the moving cone Save investment costs, but it is more laborious to operate. The second method is simple and practical, but it has more investment costs. It is more suitable for stronger sand and gravel plants. The third method is less comprehensive than the investment and can also increase the speed. But it takes a certain amount of time. Which method to use depends on the users requirements to choose.