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What to do if the hammer of limestone impact crusher is seriously worn



2020-11-29 15:57:54 1040

The limestone impact crusher mainly uses impact energy to achieve the crushing of materials. There is a plate hammer inside the impact crusher. After the limestone material enters the equipment, it hits the continuously rotating plate hammer to get the first crushing, and then is thrown to the counterattack. The device is broken again and repeated to meet the production requirements. It can be seen from the principle of the limestone impact crusher that the severely worn component during the crushing process is the plate hammer. This is an inevitable problem of the impact crusher. Use hard materials to make the blower, it will also be worn under long-term impact, so how to reflect and deal with these problems

Above The reflection mentioned is for some users. The limestone impact crusher can not only crush limestone, but also many other materials. Although it has a wide range of applications, it also has a range, but in actual production, many users are in After purchasing the equipment, no matter what kind of material is crushed by a limestone impact crusher, this causes serious wear of the plate hammer. In addition, the plate hammer of the limestone impact crusher needs to be replaced frequently, especially when the hardness of the limestone impact crusher is relatively high. In the case of large materials, if the impact crusher is directly used for crushing, it will inevitably cause severe damage to the plate hammer.Because the impact crusher uses impact energy to crush materials, it is recommended to crush materials below medium hardness. When crushing some hard materials, you can use the jaw crusher as the first-stage crushing equipment, and the impact crusher as the second-stage crushing equipment.

Impact crusher Blow hammer

If the wear of the blow hammer is light, repair measures should be taken in time. If you want to completely solve this problem, you also need to buy a blow hammer with better wear resistance, but to achieve For better production results, the more economical method is to replace the equipment. If users need to consider the limestone impact crusher produced by Gold Mine Company, the hammer of this equipment is made of domestic high-quality high-chromium cast iron materials, which has stronger The wear resistance and impact resistance can greatly reduce the degree of wear during the production process. The equipment adopts a multi-stage crushing processing process to ensure that the material can be fully crushed, thereby bringing higher production benefits to users.