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What types of impact crushers are available, and how to choose the right impact crusher



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The impact crusher is a commonly used model in the sand and gravel crushing industry. There are many types and complete models. When processing different materials, different capacity requirements and different working conditions, users can choose different types of impact crushers. In this way, the potential of the equipment can be fully utilized and a better crushing effect can be achieved. What are the commonly used impact crusher models?

Impact crusher, stone shaping tool , Widely used in various major sand and gravel industries

The types and models of impact crushers are listed.

The impact crushers have been around for a long time, and they have undergone many improvements. The performance of the item has been relatively mature, and it is roughly divided into four categories: PF counterattack, HD German counterattack, CJ European counterattack, and mobile counterattack.

1PF counterattack

PF impact crusher is an earlier one among various impact crushers. It is suitable for processing all kinds of low and medium hardness stones with a particle size of not more than 800mm and a compressive strength of not more than 350MPa. There are many models and the production capacity is between 30,800 tons. Commonly used models are PF1210PF1214PF1315PF1520, etc.

PF impact crusher has an output of 30,800 tons per hour, with moderate production capacity and affordable price

2HD German counterattack Broken

HD German version of counterattack breaker is developed based on the current domestic sand and gravel market demand and introduced German mining machine technology. It has greater crushing power and crushing ratio and is easy to maintain. When the maximum production capacity is 670 tons, the maximum feed is 1300mm when processing soft materials, and the maximum feed is 500mm when processing hard materials. Commonly used models include HD1315HD1520, etc.

HD German version of counterattack crusher has an output of 20,670 tons per hour, with large crushing ratio and better crushing effect.

3CJ European version of counterattack crusher

CJ European version of counterattack crusher is At present, a very advanced counterattack equipment uses highly wear-resistant materials to extend the service life of the equipment. The refined rotor and cavity type speed power matching is reasonable, making the finished product more beautiful and more competitive in the market. The maximum capacity of this type of equipment can reach 2000 tons.

The CJ European version of the impact crusher can produce up to 2000 tons per hour, which can meet your various crushing needs

4Mobile counterattack breaker

Mobile counterattack breaker is a combination of a fixed crusher and a mobile frame, which can achieve free walking, suitable for scattered sites, requiring frequent replacement If you dont want frequent infrastructure construction, long-distance transportation of materials, and the pursuit of more productive and labor-saving gravel production, mobile counterattack will also be your good choice.

The mobile counterattack is equipped with a movable chassis, which is intelligent and flexible, which can realize mobile sand sanding for you.

Instructions for purchasing impact crushers

There are many types of impact crushers, each with its own special performance and better scope of application. Users can choose according to their own needs, but You need to understand the following points before purchasing the machine.

1 The impact crusher is suitable for low and medium hardness stones. If it is used to crush high hardness stones such as quartz stone and granite, it will cause excessive wear of the equipment and reduce the equipment. Service life.

2 If your gravel site is relatively small or needs frequent site changes, it is recommended that you use a mobile counterattack. On the contrary, if your site is fixed all year round and there is no special processing It is recommended that you use a fixed impact crusher, which is more economical and affordable. In short, different market needs adapt to different equipment, and users need to choose a reasonable type.

Gold Mine Impact Crusher Stone site, multiple counter-attack crushers have reasonable configuration and high-yield crushed stone

Gold Mine mobile counter-attack crushing site, with multiple functions for feeding, crushing and screening, one At most

how to choose a counterattack crusher that suits you

There are many types of counterattack crushers. Do the following to help you choose Ideal equipment

1 Reasonable selection according to the conditions of the construction site

Users need to figure out the size of their site before purchasing equipment, and whether there are strict requirements on the external dimensions of the counterattack to avoid There is a situation that the purchased equipment is too large to be used normally.

2 Choose according to your own needs

The actual processing situation of each user is different, and the applicable The equipment is also different. Before purchasing equipment, users need to figure out their own material attributes, material size, capacity requirements, finished product specifications, etc., and choose the appropriate equipment according to their own needs.

3 Choose rationally based on budget and cost

The price of counterattack of different types and models are not equal. Generally, the more advanced the configuration, the better the performance, the more expensive the equipment with the larger production capacity, and the user should do according to their own circumstances and make reasonable use Capital.

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The above is Henan Gold Mine counterattack A brief introduction to the type of crusher and the selection method. If you are interested in the impact crusher and want to know more related information, such as equipment capacity parameter quotation, you can click on the free consultation, and there will be professional and technical personnel online in real time. You serve.