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Where to find a jaw crusher for processing large limestone



2020-11-20 15:57:54 1039

Limestone is not only an important construction material. With the development of science and technology, the processing and utilization of limestone are becoming more and more diversified, and the processed limestone also has a wider range of uses. In the process of crushing limestone, many users will It is found that limestone with a relatively large shape is difficult to crush. On the one hand, there is a shortage of limestone materials, and on the other hand, large pieces of limestone are piled up like a mountain. If you want to crush such large pieces of limestone, you must use professionally processed large pieces of limestone jaw crushing The machine is used for crushing.

The traditional jaw crusher does not have a good effect on the processing of large limestone, and the equipment often appears due to too much feed. The phenomenon of failure. After several improvements of the jaw crusher produced by Gold Mine, the maximum feed particle size has reached 1500mm, and the feeding device has been optimized, which greatly reduces the impact of the feed size on the smoothness of the feed. The impact and increase the utilization rate of limestone. The improved jaw crusher can process large pieces of limestone to medium particle size at one time, and the particle size is more uniform, effectively meeting the particle size requirements of fine crushing.

Henan Gold Mine is one of the top ten crushing equipment companies in China, and consumers can trust the company. The jaw crusher produced by the company not only has a very good effect on the processing of large limestone, but also has three reasonable operation rates Reasonable

Reasonable operation rate refers to the more reasonable distribution of the operating time and downtime of the jaw crusher. Some people will say, this time is not in the hands of the user. Actually in the actual production process , The user is very passive about this time. When the production efficiency of the jaw crusher is low, some users will prolong the operation time of the equipment in order to increase the output, and the equipment does not have a reasonable maintenance and maintenance time. It is an unreasonable phenomenon. The jaw crusher produced by Gold Mine has high operating efficiency, which can ensure a more reasonable operating efficiency, so that while the production efficiency is improved, the normal maintenance time of the equipment is not delayed.

2 Reasonable structural layout

The structural layout here mainly refers to the internal structural layout of the jaw crusher, which mainly includes the eccentric shaft Flywheel guards, jaws, wedge devices, etc., the company optimizes the space design through mechanical analysis of these components, so that each component can play a better working state during the production process, improve the production efficiency of the equipment, and ensure the jaw type The crusher runs more stable during the production process, with a lower failure rate, which increases the users production income.

3The crushing mesh angle is reasonable

The crushing engagement angle of the jaw crusher determines the particle shape and overall crushing efficiency of the finished product. When crushing the material, the crushing engagement angle must ensure that the material will not slide upwards, nor will it pop out from the feed inlet. The type crusher can not only ensure a higher feeding smoothness, but also ensure that the processed materials have a better grain shape. There will be no over powder phenomenon in the crushing process, which can help users bring higher production income.