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Whether the impact crusher is configured in the sand and gravel production



2020-10-04 21:57:54 1048

As we all know, the main crushing equipment in the sand and gravel production line is the crushing equipment, including the jaw crusher impact crusher or the cone crusher, but these crushing equipment will not all be crushed in the sand and gravel production. It is useful, so what is the reason that determines whether the sand and gravel production line is equipped with a counterattack crusher? And the characteristics of counter-breaking. Lets take a look at the production line process in detail.

In the production of sand and gravel, the material must first be coarsely broken and broken by a jaw crusher. After the initial crushing of the stone, the next step is to crush the stone for the second time. Generally, the secondary crushing equipment in the stone production line equipment is mainly the impact crusher and the cone crusher, but the choice of the crusher at this time According to the physical hardness characteristics of the material and the crushing hardness of the crushing equipment. For soft rocks, we use impact crushers, such as limestone. The impact crushers not only have high productivity, but also reduce the crushing section. For medium-hard rock, we The cone crusher is used. Choosing the right crushing equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce unnecessary troubles.

It can be seen that whether the impact crusher is configured to the sand production line ultimately depends on The hardness of the stone and the characteristics of the counterattack itself are determined. The output of the stone production equipment is related to the physical and mechanical properties of the ore with the feeding method, the particle size, the size of the ore, and the production capacity of the crusher. Understand that at the initial stage of the users purchase, the Gold Mine Machine will provide professional advice on the crushed ore, and the user does not need to worry.