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Why did the jaw crusher suddenly stop



2020-06-28 18:57:54 1050

After our companys recent return visits to users, some users reported that the jaw crusher would suddenly stop during the work process, causing them a certain loss, and it has also become a headache for users. The jaw crusher is suddenly in use. What is the reason for the downtime? Below, this article will give you a detailed explanation to help you avoid it in the production process.

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In response to this problem, our company conducted a comprehensive investigation report on users. From the customers response, the reasons for the downtime of the jaw crusher can be roughly divided into the following six types
1 The discharge port of the machine is blocked, causing the full cavity to block the material
2The V-belt that the crusher drives the sheave is too loose, causing the belt to slip.
3The eccentric shaft tightening bush of the crusher is loose, causing the bearing of the frame There is no gap on both sides of the seat, which makes the eccentric shaft stuck and cannot be rotated.
4 The working site voltage is too low, and the host is unable to crush after encountering large materials.
5 The crusher bearing is damaged.

The jaw crusher has outstanding advantages for coarse crushing of large materials and is widely used in various major sand and gravel production lines. Corresponding treatment methods
1Remove the blockage at the discharge port of the crusher to ensure smooth discharge
2Tighten or replace the V-belt
3Reinstall or replace the tightening bushing
4 Adjust the voltage of the work site to meet the requirements of the hosts working voltage
5 Replace the crusher bearings.

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