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Why is the impact crusher developing so fast in the use of mines



2020-08-04 00:57:54 1056

The hammer head of the inverted mountain crusher is fixed on the rotor and equipped with a counterattack plate device and a larger crushing cavity. Therefore, when crushing, the kinetic energy of the rotor can be fully utilized, and the crushing is relatively large, which can be used as the coarse material Fine crushing equipment.
The impact crusher has been able to develop rapidly. The reasons are as follows.
1 The crushing ratio is large. The crushing ratio of the impact crusher is generally 3 (, 40, up to 150 The above. Therefore, it is possible to complete medium and fine crushing or coarse medium and fine crushing at one time, reducing the breaking of the monument and simplifying the production process.
2 The product has a uniform stretch and less over-disintegration. The reverse 1 cloud crusher uses kinetic energy to crush materials , The kinetic energy of each piece of material is directly proportional to the quality of the piece of material. Therefore, during the crushing process, the large piece of material is crushed to a greater extent, and the smaller particle material will not be crushed under certain conditions. .
3 The crushing efficiency is high and the power consumption is low. The impact tensile strength of the material is much lower than the compressive strength. After the material is subjected to a high-speed impact, the cleavage interface and fragile parts of the six monographs are cracked. Therefore, the impact crusher has high production efficiency, low consumption, and large production capacity. Moreover, the crushed products are mostly in the form of a l-cube, which is beneficial to increase the bulk density of refractory products.
4 Strong adaptability. Yes. Crushing brittle and hard materials, especially suitable for crushing brittle materials such as coal, limestone, silica, etc.
5 The equipment is simple in structure, the white stick is light, and it is easy to self-made.
In addition, there are options for impact crushers. The characteristics of sexual crushing. For materials with larger than claws, the size of the product after crushing is small, and the material with a small specific gravity will have a large pull after crushing. This is conducive to the selection of materials by the concentrator.