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Working principle of double cavity jaw crusher



2020-10-23 00:57:54 1047

The double-cavity jaw crusher is a new type of compound pendulum jaw crusher. It has two crushing cavities. The two crushing cavities are used in parallel, which can increase the output. When used in series, it can increase the crushing ratio and obtain a finer grade. Product. So what is the specific operation? This article will introduce the working principle of the double cavity jaw crusher.

One adopts the principle of crank rocker mechanism
The two crushing cavities of the double-cavity jaw crusher are symmetrically distributed with the eccentric shaft as the center. The movable jaw is equipped with movable tooth plates on the left and right sides, and the movable tooth plate and its corresponding fixed tooth plate form the left and right sides respectively. A crushing cavity. The movable tooth plate is fixedly connected to the movable jaw and moves synchronously with the movable jaw. The double-cavity jaw crusher adopts a crank and rocker mechanism, and the movable jaw is the connecting rod of the crusher. The tooth plate then moves in a plane. The plane movement of the moving jaw makes the cross-sectional shape of the crushing cavity constantly change, and the material is continuously crushed and discharged.

Two crushing cavities make it possible to work in a double working stroke state Operation

Add a crushing cavity to the other end of the movable jaw plate of the traditional compound pendulum jaw crusher. Under this structure, the crusher can operate in a double working stroke state. When the crank is in the angle range When rotating, the crushing cavity crushes the material, and the crushing cavity discharges. When the crank rotates in the 360 range, the crushing cavity is crushed, and the crushing cavity discharges, so the reciprocating cycle operation. Therefore, there is no void in the double cavity jaw crusher. The energy consumption of the stroke and the processing capacity will be increased by about times. At the same time, compared with the traditional jaw crusher, it also has special kinematics characteristics.