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Cobblestone sand blasting and sand screening machine allows you to experience what is the best



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Do you know what other uses of cobblestones are used in addition to paving landscape decoration and gardens? Many people will answer whether it is more valuable to make cobblestones into sandstone aggregates. Indeed, the infrastructure is now perfected from cities to suburbs, from towns to rural areas Its all in full swing, and the demand for sand and gravel aggregates is rising in a straight line. After the cobblestone is crushed into sand, the profit is considerable, attracting many customers to invest in the pebble sanding and screening machine, because it will let you realize what is Earn money every day, and then Gold Mine engineers will give you a detailed analysis.

Cobblestone has high investment value.

Cobblestone sanding can move sand sieve Introduction to the integrated machine

The integrated machine for sanding, sanding and screening of cobblestones is a kind of sand making equipment that integrates crushing, sanding, feeding, screening and conveying. The main equipment is the sanding machine mobile station, vibrating screen mobile station and Feeder belt conveyor, etc. It has strong mobility and can directly go to the site for sand screening and sand screening. The production efficiency is high and the finished product effect is good. It can meet the requirements of most users for the integration of cobblestone sand screening and sand screening. br/>

Crawler-type sand-blasting, sieving machine for cobblestones

The powerful function of sand-blasting, sieving cobblestones and sieving machine is powerful, allowing you to experience the daily progress

1 Sand making Each sand making and screening machine is equipped with a core equipment sand making machine. The sand making machine can choose three types of direct impact sand making machine HVI sand making machine VSI making Sanding machine. The sanding machine breaks and grinds the pebbles, and the whole process is completed by the sanding machine alone.

2 Screening The whole unit is equipped with a multi-functional vibrating screen or a circular vibrating screen and other screening devices. Larger size pebbles can be screened out and sanded twice to improve the overall quality of the finished product.

Free transition, stop and go

The integrated cobblestone sanding, screening and sanding machine has the functions of crushing pebbles, making sand, screening and sorting, which not only greatly improves the utilization rate of raw materials, but also improves the quality of finished products, and integrated production brings a lot to users Convenient and save more costs.

The equipment breaks the tradition, boldly innovates, and has a great change from structure to performance. Flexible configuration of the unit, more maneuverability and more adaptability Simplify the process, simple, high-yield, high-yield, small particle size, and equipped with environmental protection equipment, which can reduce noise and reduce the amount of dust, so that it can meet the national emission standards, dispel the worries of users, and let you experience the feeling of making money every day.

The cobblestone sanding, screening and sanding integrated machine was sent to Shandong

Henan Gold Mine is a large-scale cobblestone sanding, screening and sanding integrated machine manufacturer with a history of more than 40 years. , The production equipment has a variety of types and models, which can meet the production needs of most users. For customers with special needs, custom-made is supported. Gold Mine Mines cobblestone sanding and sand screening integrated machine has excellent quality and good performance. It is easy to use. More importantly, the price Affordable, if you want to buy a For such equipment, please consult our customer service for free for technical parameters and discount details.