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Common methods and models of crushing



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The crusher is a necessary equipment for many ore dressing production lines, sand making production lines, grinding production lines and other equipment. For several common crushing methods, you should know the model during crushing. Today, Gold Mine will introduce you to you.

At present, the crushing of ore mainly uses the function of crushers. There are five more common crushing methods.

Crushing method The roller crusher uses two crushing working faces to pressurize the material when it is pushed in. , Make the material broken. The characteristic of this method is that the force is gradually increased, and the range of force is larger.

Roll crusher

The splitting method uses the cleavage force of the sharp teeth to wedge the material to break the material. Its characteristic is that the range of force is relatively concentrated and local fracture occurs.

Toothed roller Type crusher

When the material is crushed, due to the bending force concentrated in the opposite direction, the material is broken and broken. The characteristic of this method is that in addition to the splitting force at the point of external force, it also Under the action of bending force, it is easy to crush the ore.

Jaw crusher

The grinding and stripping method crushing working surface is opposite to the material. It moves to produce a shearing force on the material. This force acts on the surface of the ore, and the cone crusher is suitable for grinding small materials.

Conical type Crusher

Impact crushing force acts on the material instantly, so it is also called dynamic crushing.

Impact crusher ( Sand making machine)

The crusher has three models in the crusher. Volume crushing model. Surface crushing model and uniform crushing model. The three models work together to achieve the crushing effect.

Volume The crushing model means that the entire particles are destroyed (broken), and most of the products are intermediate particles with a large size. As the crushing progresses, these intermediate particles are sequentially broken into small particles with a certain size distribution, and finally Gradually accumulate into a fine powder component (ie a stable component).

Surface crushing model means that only the surface of the particle is damaged, and the fine powder component is continuously peeled off the surface of the particle. The damage does not involve the inside of the particle. The model refers to the force applied to the particles, which causes the particles to produce dispersive destruction, and directly break into micronized components.

The three models are uniform. The uniform crush model is only used in the combination of particles that are not tightly bound. As in tablets and the like, the actual crushing is the superposition of two models of volume crushing model surface crushing model. The surface crushing model constitutes a stable component, and the volume crushing model constitutes a transition component. The volume crushing model is related to the structure and parameters of the crusher, and the surface crushing The model is related to the physical properties of the material to be crushed. The volume crusher is usually regarded as an impact crusher, and the surface crushing is regarded as friction crushing. The crushing process of solid particles is not a continuous single crushing shape. It is a combination of two or more different crushing forms. The crushers currently used are often combined with several crushing methods and several models for the crushing effect of ore.

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