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Common sense of scientific operation of cone crusher



2020-07-01 09:57:54 1060

It is necessary to thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, with scientific development as the theme, and become the main body of our contemporary social development. In the process of operation, the cone crusher must also be scientifically managed and maintained in order to better play its role and seek more Great interest. The following are some scientific common sense in the operation of the cone crusher summarized by our Redstar Machinery technicians for you.

1 Check the whirlpool before driving. Whether the observation door of the cavity is closed tightly to prevent the material from rushing out of the observation door of the vortex cavity, which may cause danger. 2 Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, from the direction of the material inlet. The impeller should rotate counterclockwise, otherwise the electric idea should be adjusted Wiring.
3 The starting sequence of the equipment is that the feeder crusher of the discharging sand making machine must be started without load, and the crusher can be fed after the crusher is running normally. The shutdown sequence is opposite to the starting sequence.
4 Feeding The particles are strictly in accordance with the delineation requirements. It is forbidden to enter the crusher for materials larger than the delineation. Otherwise, it will cause the imbalance of the impeller and excessive wear of the impeller, which will cause the impeller channel and the intermediate feed pipe to be blocked, and the crusher cannot work normally. Large pieces of feed should be removed in time.
5 When the discharging equipment is stopped, the feeding should be stopped in time, otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the electric idea will be burned.
6The crusher feed strives for continuous average .
7 During the operation of the crusher, there must be no violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, it should be parked and checked.
8 The lubrication of the machine is dry oil lubrication, and the amount of 1223 in the bearing cavity is added. Every shift of the crusher, add an appropriate amount of grease.

Familiar with the common scientific knowledge of these cone crushers will definitely benefit you a lot. .