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Comparison of different types of jaw crushers



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The jaw crusher is also known as the jaw crusher. It is used more in the field of crushing. It can process a variety of stones such as granite, limestone, basalt, cobblestone, river pebble, iron ore, copper ore, etc., and there are many types of jaw crushers. It can meet the diverse processing needs of users. With the advancement of jaw breaking technology and changes in crushing production requirements, jaw crushers have derived a variety of types, the common ones are mobile jaw breaking classic jaw breaking and German version jaw breaking

One, mobile jaw crusher

Mobile jaw crusher is not just a jaw crusher equipment, but with As the core crushing equipment, it is equipped with a variety of auxiliary production equipment and is assembled into a vehicle-mounted mobile crushing device that specializes in processing all kinds of materials that are not suitable for transportation and large changes in the operating environment, and are commonly used in the treatment of construction waste. Obviously, the mobile jaw crusher has obvious advantages compared with other types of jaw crushers. Its function is equivalent to the entire crushed stone production line, which is more convenient than the crushed stone production line and can be moved at any time without the need for supporting facilities for the production line. Construction, the whole machine has a very high level of automation, it can be folded, retracted, and expanded. It is flexible, has a variety of configuration forms, has obvious advantages, and is widely used.

,Classic Jaw Crusher

Classic Jaw Crusher is commonly seen by many people. It is composed of flywheel body eccentric shaft, main bearing spring device, jaw plate, etc. From the appearance of jaw crusher, it is compact , Small footprint, very flexible to use, and the classic jaw breaker has more than 20 specifications for users to choose from. Different types of classic jaw breakers are in the feed port size and feed port adjustment range. Processing capacity eccentric shaft speed motor power total The weight and other aspects are quite different. When configuring the classic jaw crusher, the technicians of the jaw crusher manufacturer should fully investigate the users working conditions, combined with the users production budget, expected construction period, energy consumption, capacity, discharge and feed requirements. , So as to ensure that the jaw crusher can be completed on time and there is no waste of remaining capacity.

Three, the German version of the jaw crusher

German version The jaw crusher is a new version of the jaw crusher equipment developed by our companys technicians and the German crusher manufacturer. The difference between the German version of the jaw crusher and the classic jaw crusher lies in the scope of application The difference is that the feed size of the German version of the jaw crusher is between 425,950 mm, and the production capacity is 85,650th. It has a larger crushing stroke and higher production efficiency. The output can be increased by 30%. The design of the whole machine is exquisite and accurate calculation and analysis. Determine the structure of the flywheel sheave and the weight of the counterweight, low vibration level, humanized design, more flexible use, and durable. There are 6 models of German jaw crushers for users to choose from, according to user needs, Customize the German version of the jaw crusher for it.

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