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Cone crusher use type introduction and correct operation rules



2020-08-31 21:57:54 1036

The current application of cone crushers is also very large. During our use, we also encountered many problems, but we can overcome many problems. Even if we encounter some of the cone crushers during our use, The problem is that we can also make our cone crusher perform well, which requires us to do it.

The cone crusher has a standard medium-sized short head Different types, so what is the difference in application. The basic structure and working principle of these three types of crushers are exactly the same, but they are slightly different in the shape of the crushing cavity. The main difference is that the parallel belt is broken, and the short head type is parallel. The belt is longer, followed by the medium type. The parallel belt is longer, and the ore outlet and the discharge outlet are relatively small, and a finer product size can be obtained. Generally, the short head type with the longer parallel belt is used as the fine crush and placed after the medium crush Since the parallel belt is shorter, the standard type is thicker and has a higher output. It is generally placed after the rough crushing, that is, after the jaw crusher or the gyratory crusher for medium crushing.

Lets see whether a crusher can complete our task in the process of use, we need to have a better operation of our cone crusher, only we are more familiar with cone crusher In the process of operation, we can have a better chance to do things and make the cone crusher more reliable. Source of the article