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Correctly choose the belt speed of the belt conveyor belt



2020-09-12 09:57:54 1061

Although the belt conveyor is not the main equipment in production, it is also very important as an auxiliary equipment. Without a belt conveyor, how to transfer materials. How do we choose the belt speed of the conveyor belt during the conveying process?

1. Generally used for feeding or conveying materials with a large amount of dust, the belt speed can be 0.81ms, or it can be determined according to the material characteristics and process requirements.

2.Long horizontal conveyor , The higher the belt speed conveyor should be selected, the larger the inclination angle and the shorter the conveying distance, the lower the belt speed should be.

3. The material is easy to roll and has a large particle size, or is easy to dust. If the environment and sanitation conditions are higher, a lower belt speed should be selected.

4. When the conveying volume is large and the conveyor belt is wider, a higher belt speed should be selected.

5. When the unloading truck is used, the belt speed should generally not exceed 2.5ms. When conveying fine materials or small pieces of material, the allowable belt speed is 3.15ms.

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