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Cost-saving transformation of the mechanism of jaw breaking fixed and movable tooth plate



2020-08-24 06:57:54 1057

The number of fixed and movable tooth plates of the jaw crusher is related to the level of the crushing cost. How can we reduce the cost and improve the work efficiency? After long-term observation, Gold Mine has continuously tried to improve and achieved unexpected results.

In the transformation, the working parts of the crusher are the fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate. The movable tooth plate is fixed on the movable jaw. Its main wear parts are mainly concentrated in the middle. , The movable tooth plate was not modified, mainly the fixed tooth plate. After the modification of the fixed tooth plate, the overall weight increased by 200kg. Since the fixed tooth plate is connected to the frame body, the weight of the fixed tooth plate increases. There is no adverse effect on the work of the entire crusher. Based on the working characteristics of the crusher, the fixed tooth plate is divided into upper and lower bodies at about 34 under the center line. The working plate and the fixed plate are connected by flat head M30 screws, and the fixed plate is guaranteed Its strength is thickened around the center line 13, its material remains unchanged, it is still ZGMn13Cr2, and the tooth profile remains unchanged.

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