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Counterattack crusher plate hammer consumption solution



2020-07-05 15:57:54 1057

1. Overview

A certain factory uses 2PF1010 dual-rotor impact crushers for both limestone and gypsum. Over the years, the consumption of counterattack hammers in this factory has been excessive, especially the 1 rotor hammer. The main damage of the blow hammer is loosening and fracture, rather than normal wear. The loosening and breaking of the blow hammer can break the bolts and other blowers, damage the rotor body and the counterattack frame, and break the rotor body shaft. , Tearing the rotor body, and the consumption of the plate hammer is very large. For this reason, the technical personnel of the Gold Mine Machine Impact Crusher have taken some corresponding measures on the specific process design of the plant, and achieved good results. The brief introduction is as follows.

Two. Cause analysis

2.1 The quality of the hammer bolts is poor

Due to the poor quality of the bolts, often Loose and break, causing the hammer to loosen, fall off or break. The fundamental reason is that the bolt mold of our factory has been used for many years, and the wear has become larger, so that the oval head of the bolt has poor contact during use, causing looseness. At the same time, when processing threads, In order to make the thread and nut thread fit easily, the lathe has intentionally thinned the thread shape, thereby reducing the fastening ability of the bolt.

2.2 The manufacturing quality of the blower is poor

The hammer is made of high manganese steel ZGMnl3. From the fracture point, it can be seen that there are pores or even cavities, and the structure is relatively coarse, and there is poor casting and heat treatment quality.

2.3 Improper use and maintenance

Because of the frequent breakage of the blower, the operator has a large workload to replace the blower, and the labor intensity is greater. Therefore, after the new blower is installed, he is lazy to stop the inspection, which makes the bolt loose and cannot be tightened in time .

Three. Countermeasures

(1) Re-make the bolt mold so that the oval head of the bolt and the contact surface of the hammer screw hole can be in good contact, and at the same time, the bolt thread The thickness of the teeth is controlled within the size tolerance, and the end of the thread is processed with a relief groove to prevent stress concentration and fracture.

(2) For the quality problem of the plate hammer, our factory chose the original crushing The blow bar of the machine manufacturer basically meets the quality requirements.

(3) Strengthen the use and maintenance management. First of all, when the blow bar is installed, the sand and burrs on the bolt holes and notches of the blow bar must be removed , Make the connection flat and flat. Secondly, when tightening the hammer bolts, hammer the elliptical head while tightening, and then check the bolt tightening in time for about half an hour after operation, and then tighten the nut and thread. Weld to prevent loosening.

Four. Effect

After the Gold Mine machine is modified, the effect is very obvious. In terms of quantity, The replacement quantity of blow bars, bolts, nuts, etc. has dropped significantly. From the cost point of view, the floor hammer is 165 yuan, and the Kunming Kunming Heavy Industry Factory is 276 yuan. Although the price of the blow hammer has increased by about 100 yuan each, Calculated on a monthly average, the monthly cost of the hammer alone saved about 700 yuan (same as in 2002, 912) 18 months), if you consider the maintenance costs and other consumption of maintenance personnel, the monthly savings will exceed 1,000 yuan.