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Crusher manufacturers tell the classification of mining crushers



2020-11-04 15:57:54 1046

Mining crushers refer to crushing equipment used to crush stone. What we often hear is cone crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers, and roller crushers. These crushers are distinguished from each other due to different performance structures. The performance structure of the machine divides the crusher into different types. These crushers have different advantages and characteristics, which are suitable for different crushing production requirements, and jointly promote the development of industrial production. So, how is the crusher classified? Lets take a look.

Jaw Crusher

1 Jaw Type

Jaw Crusher Main It uses the squeezing and bending action of the two jaw plates to crush the material. The jaw crusher is suitable for coarse or medium crushing of various hardness materials and is used to crush various materials with a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa. Type crusher is the ideal equipment for primary crushing. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and uniform strength, economical and practical products. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, highways and railways.

Jaw Type crusher

2 cone type

The cone crusher uses the back and forth movement of the crushing cone in the inner cone cavity of the shell to squeeze, split, and bend the material. A kind of equipment for material crushing. The cone crusher is suitable for the operation of medium and finely crushed materials. Since the medium and fine crushing operation has very strict requirements on the discharge particle size, the cone crusher must be adjusted in time after the liner is worn during operation. Cone crushers are widely used in metal and non-metal minerals, cement plants, sand and stone metallurgy and other industries.

Cone crushers


roller crusher is mainly a crushing equipment that uses the friction force of the roller surface to bite the material into the crushing area and squeeze and split the material. The roller crusher is suitable for The material is crushed and crushed, which can crush materials with a compressive strength of less than 160 MPa. It is widely used in cement, chemical, power, metallurgy, building materials and other fields.

Type crusher

4 hammer type

hammer type crusher mainly uses the high impact action of the hammer to carry out the medium and fine crushing of materials. It has reached a wide range of applications. Hammer crushers have the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production capacity, and uniform product particle size. They are suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, hydropower and other fields, mainly for medium and fine crushing of limestone coal and other materials.

Hammer crusher

In addition to the above four types, the crusher is also divided into impact type ring hammer type impact type rotary type and adjustable type. These crushing equipment have Different advantages and characteristics together promote the development of industry.