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Crushers are sought after by artificial stone



2020-07-27 21:57:54 1057

Crushers are a more popular machine in Sichuan. Because Sichuan is backed by mountains, the so-called backers eat mountains and rely on water to draft. Sichuans crushing equipment has a very good processing effect on ore. But many people do not know that crushers are also very useful in artificial stone. In order to reduce the processing of stone crushed stone after crushing the ore, the popular crusher adopts a new type of stone processing production line, specifically for crushing the crushed stone, and then grinding, and finally processing the artificial stone. After being put on the market, they are deeply loved. In fact, these artificial stones are synthetic stones with natural stone patterns and textures manufactured by artificial methods. The patterns can be artificially controlled, and the appearance can be imitated by marble granite, etc., with a wide variety of colorful colors and accurate size Good toughness, high finish, light weight, high strength, pollution resistance, and easy construction. It has a role that other materials cant match in large-area decorations such as hotels, shopping malls, subway squares, etc. It is an ideal modern building decoration material. Use waste stone scrap as raw material The production of environmentally friendly artificial stone is the path of ecological building materials innovation in the stone industry. Everyone knows that the yield rate of natural stone mining is low, and most of the resources are turned into waste rock during the mining process, which has brought huge damage to the ecological environment. But Environmentally friendly artificial stone can directly convert waste stone into production raw materials. The sustainable development of the stone industry contains huge business opportunities for the ecological construction industry, and there is no longer a need for special environmental protection departments to deal with waste stone waste. This low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, The three-low green ecological stone that meets the comprehensive utilization of resources has made the construction stone production and sales enterprise successfully transformed and entered the era of green and environmentally friendly artificial stone.
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