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A bumpy road for the development of cash technology of crushers in China



2020-07-30 18:57:54 1048

The crusher has a history of more than ten years in China. Looking back at the past, domestic equipment is in a backward state. However, the Chinese are smart

, buying foreign equipment after their own research and improvement, China not only has its own crushing equipment, but also gradually catching up to a higher level. The technical department of Henan Qiangli Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. is constantly innovating and improving equipment in response to customer needs, and often communicates with other technologies to crush The machinery industry has gradually moved to the advanced ranks

How did the crusher enter China? This is a very realistic and legendary development industry. How did it enter China

There is a certain story. An old technician in his 60s told us that as early as 10 years ago, those enterprises engaged in the production and sales of crushers were rich. At that time, manufacturers in the field of crushers also Very few, this kind of manufacturing technology was first passed to China from abroad. Talking about the history of crusher development, smart businessmen spend a lot of money to ask technicians and workshop managers to disassemble the purchased crusher, and then according to the size of the machine Draw a similar structure diagram, and integrate the needs of the Chinese market to design a practical crusher.

Since the crusher was produced, it was only used in mines and quarries at the beginning. Widely used, and then slowly expanded to the chemical industry

smelting coal and other industries. Henan is also an area where crushers were produced earlier in China. In 2000, some corporate marketing personnel began to put their products in On the Internet, I have established my own corporate website, which mainly displays crushing machinery such as jaw crushers and hammer crushers. What people did not expect is this business opportunity, which actually made many bosses make a lot of money. It is understood that everything is in that section. Companies that have established websites in time have basically developed several branches so far.

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