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Design scheme of double cavity jaw crusher



2020-10-23 03:57:54 1052

The double-cavity jaw crusher has simple structure, convenient maintenance, and uniform product size. It is a new type of energy-saving, high-yield, and very popular new type of crusher. Unlike ordinary jaw crushers, the double-cavity jaw crusher has a movable jaw assembly Two movable jaw plates are installed, so the jaw plate has an ideal movement trajectory. So, what is the specific design of the double cavity jaw crusher? This article will briefly introduce it.

One change the position of the rocker. Change the rolling support to the hinged support, so that the support point is accurate from a range of variation to a point, so that the crusher becomes a standard fixed-length four-bar mechanism. It can provide a more realistic theoretical model for the accurate calculation of the parameters of the jaw crusher. The upper rocker makes the movable jaw structure simple and compact, and enables the movable jaw to be equipped with two movable jaw plates at the same time.
< The second eccentric axis moves downwards. This can make the characteristic value of the movable jaw plate in the height direction more ideally distributed. The speed of the jaw plate wear depends on the size of the vertical displacement of the movable jaw plate. The vertical displacement is too large , The rubbing effect between the material and the jaw plate is strengthened, which intensifies the wear of the jaw plate, the material is over-crushed, and the energy consumption increases. The lower eccentric shaft can reduce the wear of the jaw plate, because this reduces the vertical displacement of the movable jaw plate and increases The horizontal displacement greatly reduces the characteristics. And this measure can make the two movable jaws have an ideal trajectory.

The three overall mechanisms are optimized. This can improve the performance of the whole machine and make The movable jaw has a more reasonable working condition.

In summary, by understanding the design scheme of the double-cavity jaw crusher, you can know that the double-cavity jaw crusher The function runs in the state of dual working strokes, avoiding the energy consumption problem of the empty stroke of the single-cavity crusher. In addition, it belongs to the deep-cavity crusher, and its crushed product has uniform particle size and cubic shape, which overcomes the single-cavity jaw crusher There are too many flake products and the shortcomings of too coarse particle size. It has the advantages of greatly improving the processing capacity and greatly reducing the unit power.