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Do a good job of trial operation before using the sand making machine



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How to ensure the quality of the sand making machine and do a good job of testing before use. Generally, the sand making machine manufacturers will do a certain 8-hour trial run in the factory before the pre-sales trial before leaving the factory to ensure that all functions are working properly before packaging Shipped.

Sand making machine load operation test sand making machine can only carry out load operation test on the basis of good dry operation test, and the load test should be kept at 8 Continuous operation for more than hours to determine whether the actual material output particle size and output of the machine meet the production requirements, and the machine bearing must not exceed 35 during operation, to ensure stable machine performance, no severe vibration, and tightness between components , The sealing performance is good, and there is no leakage.

During the dry operation of the sand making machine, the test machine must be operated continuously for at least 2 hours, and the bearing temperature of the machine cannot exceed 30, The whole machine should rotate smoothly without abnormal noise. This is a problem to ensure that there is no failure of the sand making machine, especially the complete set of sand making production line equipment.

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