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Does a sand making machine make money? How much is a machine that produces sand



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Does the sand making machine make money?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Chinas urbanization process has accelerated, and the construction and development of the city will inevitably require the help of sand and gravel aggregates. According to relevant statistics, China is currently the world The country with the largest demand for sand and gravel aggregates accounts for nearly half of the total aggregate consumption in the world, but the domestic market for aggregates is very severe. This is mainly due to the depletion of domestic natural gravel A series of serious environmental problems, relevant departments have introduced policies to restrict mining and ban mining, the market demand for sand and gravel is in short supply, and the price of sand and gravel is steadily rising. In the future, the demand for sand and gravel will continue to increase, and the price of sand and gravel will continue to stay. High, the machine-made sand and gravel produced by sand making machines will become the main source of market sand and gravel.

The price map of machine-made sand in major cities in May 2019 (data from China Sand & Stone Aggregate Network)

Under such a background, whether investing in a sand making machine makes money or not, you must have the answer. If you are still not sure, then listen to it with me What do sand machine users say.

Guangdong Granite Crushed Sand Production Line

Processing Material Granite (Hard)

Feeding Size 630mm

When the processing capacity is 200 tons

The finished product specifications 05,510,1020,2030mm (4 types)

The estimated investment is 1.59 million yuan

Equipment configuration Raw material bin ZSW490110 vibrating feeder PE7501060 jaw crusher B100024m conveyor (2 units) HXGYS400 cone crusher HXVSI1140 shaping machine B100030m conveyor 4YK2460 vibrating screen B65044m conveyor B50010m conveyor B50015m conveyor (4 units)

The machine-made sand production line is on-site, with controllable granularity of the finished product, diverse specifications and wide-ranging applications.

User feedback If you ask me whether machine-made sand makes money, Then I will tell you that the machine-made sand production line is a cash cow. Take the price of sand and gravel here. The average price of machine-made sand in September this year was 110.5 yuan and 129 yuan, an increase of 16.74% compared with the same period in 2018. , And it is expected to continue to rise in the next period of time. The raw materials for the production of machine-made sand are roughly between 1,020 yuan per ton, and the price of sand has doubled several times. The operating cost of the equipment invested in the initial stage of production in our factory will be less than half a year. Recover the cost and start to make a profit. I will calculate an account for you. If you buy a crushed sand production line with an hourly output of 100 tons and a production of 10 hours a day, then the daily output is 1,000 tons, and the daily profit is easily over 10,000.

What are the sand production machines?

To know how much a sand production machine is, first of all, we need to understand the sand making machine. At present, there are machines that can be used to produce sand. It can be divided into five categories: roller crusher, compound crusher, fine crushing machine-made sand machine and mobile sand making machine, lets have a general understanding of these equipment.

A variety of sand production equipment to meet your diversified needs

The double-roller crusher, also called the double-roller, mainly uses two rollers to realize the rolling and crushing of the material, with strong crushing force and sufficient crushing , The finished product is fine and uniform, and the grade is high. It is often used to crush coal products such as coal cinder and gangue, and medium-hard materials such as limestone. The production capacity is between 5110 tons.

The compound crusher is used. It is the stone crushing principle, with fine crushing and coarse grinding function, high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and energy saving. The finished products are mostly cubes, with high bulk density, low pollution, low dust and low noise. It is suitable for the crushing of medium-hard and extra-hard materials. It can also be used to treat wet materials with a moisture content of not more than 8%, with a wide range of applications, with a processing capacity of 5,100 tons per hour.

The fine crusher can become the third and fourth generation of sand making machine. It is a high-yield and energy-saving sand making equipment with a wide range of applications. The investment cost and operating cost of the fine crusher are lower than 35% and 50% of the traditional process equipment of the same scale, but the output efficiency is higher than that of the traditional process equipment of the same scale 35% 50%, very economical and easy to use, the maximum output is about 310 tons per hour.

The sand making machine is also called an impact crusher, which uses the crushing principle of stone-on-rock or stone-on-iron, and is mainly divided into There are three series of HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine and HX sand making machine. Among them, HVI sand making machine is a more advanced one. It adopts deep cavity impeller and combined throwing head design, which has larger capacity and better crushing effect. The operating cost is lower, and the production capacity can reach 585 tons.

Sand making machine on site, high production, strong sand crushing ability

Mobile sand making machine, listening to the name knows its meaning, this equipment can realize mobile sand making production. According to the different driving devices, it is mainly divided into crawler-type mobile sand making machine and tire-type mobile sand making machine. The sand crushing equipment can be equipped with a sand making machine to roll crushing and composite crushing according to user needs. It has many advantages such as convenient transfer, fast production, no infrastructure, high degree of intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection, among which the crawler-type mobile sand making machine has many advantages. Even better, it can realize remote control, and adopts the dual energy supply mode of oil and electricity, which can produce production even without electricity. The mobile sand making machine can be operated by a single machine, or can be produced by multiple mobile breakers. It can range from 1,300 tons per hour.

The mobile sand crushing site with an output of 300 tons per hour in Oman is flexible and highly intelligent.

How much is the sand production machine?

From the above, we have learned that there are currently five main types of sand making machines on the market. Each type of sand making machine can be subdivided into many models and different types. The configuration performance of the model sand making machine The output and the realized sand crushing effect are different, and there is a big disparity in the quotation. This is why the price of sand making machines on the market is hundreds of thousands and some millions, so users want to know the sand If you want to make a specific quotation for the manufacturing machine, you need to select it according to your actual situation first, and then make a specific quotation for the specific equipment. Users who have questions about equipment selection or want to know the specific quotation can consult for free, and Gold Mine technicians will serve you online in real time .

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