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Does the jaw crusher have any requirements for the workplace?



2020-08-23 09:57:54 1051

I think everyone knows that the jaw crusher is the most widely used crusher in the mining industry, and it is also the crusher that we often talk about verbally. Since the jaw crusher is so important, what does it have for the workplace? For the requirements, please see the following analysis

1The foundation of the jaw crusher workplace.
Because the jaw crusher will have certain Vibration strength, so the site foundation is cement foundation concrete foundation, which can ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment.
2 Jaw crusher workplace area.
The site area includes three types of coal gangue crushing production lines ( The two-stage pulverizer main engine three conveyor belts) covers the floor area of the raw materials, the floor area and the floor area for forming and stacking. Generally, there must be a site area of more than 300 square meters to meet the working requirements of the production line of coal gangue crushing equipment. >3 Jaw crushers surrounding environment.
Because of the large noise pollution during the production process, in order not to affect the residents, it can be produced in a slightly remote place to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.
br/>The road around the workplace of the 4 jaw crusher.
During the production process, customers need to transport raw materials to transport finished pads, so the traffic must be convenient.