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Does the stone silt project really make money? What are the easy-to-use stone silt machines?



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Does the stone silt project really make money?

Does the stone silt project really make money? I think this is the question most users who want to invest in the stone silt machine project want to ask. I said making money, You may not believe it, then let me take a look at the price trend of sand this year. Here is the price of medium and coarse sand in October 2019 in Huainan City, Anhui Province as an example, let you feel yourself whether the stone silt is profitable.

The price trend of sand and gravel in Huainan, Anhui (from China Aggregate Network)

From the table we can see that from February 2018 From about 100 yuan per ton in the month to 205 yuan per ton in October this year, the price of sand in Huainan, Anhui has doubled. It is said that Huainan is close to the Huai River. In theory, there is no shortage of sand, but the local sand price has risen year by year. This is mainly due to the prohibition of mining and mining of natural sand and gravel, and the supply of sand and gravel in the market is in short supply. It is not surprising that, looking at the country, the phenomenon of sky-high price of sand and gravel in some areas is not surprising.

The price of sand is increasing year by year, the supply of natural sand and gravel is insufficient, and the market gap is huge. You said that the stone silt project is no longer profitable. In other words, if the stone silt project is not profitable, why are so many investors investing in the sand sea? Why are there so many gravel silt plants established one after another

Hebei gravel silt production line site

What are the useful gravel silt machines?

Since the stone silt project is so profitable, I want to invest in a sand factory. Dont worry about the easy-to-use silt machines. Let me explain it for you. At present, the market can be used for stone. There are many equipment for silt sand, which can be roughly divided into two types of stationary stone silt machine and mobile stone silt machine.

1 Stationary stone silt machine

(1) Small fixed stone silt machine

The output of the small stone silt machine is moderate, and the investment cost is low. It is suitable for some small sand factories with limited investment funds and want to quickly return to the cost. The small and easy-to-use small stone silt machines include a pair-roller silt mill and a composite silt machine.

The pair-roller silt machine mainly uses two rollers to squeeze and crush materials. It can be used to crush soft, medium-hard or high-hardness materials, with a wide range of applications, and the finished products produced by rolling are fine and uniform, with high quality, and the processing capacity per hour is within 110 tons.

The Gold Mine user pairs the roller crusher on the silt sand site, and multiple pairs of roller crushers are combined to operate, which is powerful.

The fine crusher is also called the third generation and fourth generation sand making machine, which uses impact The principle of crushing is particularly suitable for crushing refractory materials, cement, quartz sand, steel grit and other hard and brittle materials. Compared with traditional process equipment of the same scale, it can effectively save investment and operating costs by 35% and 50%, and the output efficiency is high. The sand effect is good, and the hourly production capacity is 18310 tons.

Gold Mine User Fine Crusher At the installation site, Redstar technicians provide free transportation and free installation instructions.

The composite silt machine adopts the principle of stone-beating-stone crushing, which has the effect of fine crushing and coarse grinding, high sand crushing efficiency, low equipment wear, and silt The composite silt machine adopts a design without screen strips, which can be used for the crushing of wet materials with large water content, and it is not prone to sticking and blocking. It can also operate normally in rainy and other weather. The output is between 5,100 tons.

Gold Mine composite silt machine-made sand production line on site, the silt effect is even and fine

(2) Large Fixed gravel silt sand machine

For users with large output requirements, it is recommended to use a sand making machine dedicated to silt sand. This equipment is divided into three series, according to the advanced level, HVI sand making VSI sand making machine and HX sand making machine. Among them, the HVI series of sand making machines have more advanced configuration, better silt sand effect, wider use range, and more popular with users. This equipment is advanced in material selection, durable and wear-resistant, and adopts a combination It only needs to be partially replaced when it is worn out, which saves the cost of using a silty sand model that is mixed with stone and stone. The crushed finished sand is uniform and fine, mostly cubic, without tension and cracks, with high bulk density and high grade. It is very popular in the market.

Gold Mine sand making machine silt production line is on site, with reasonable configuration, high output and large output

2Mobile stones Powder sand machine

The above recommendations are all fixed silt sand machines. If your construction site is scattered and needs to be changed frequently, the flexibility of the equipment is higher. If your site space Limited, complex terrain, and high requirements for the adaptability of the equipment area, you can come to know about the mobile stone silt machine.

Mobile stone silt machine Intelligent, high-yield and environmentally friendly, easy to achieve mobile production

The mobile stone silt machine is equipped with tires or crawler-type mobile chassis, which can realize free transition according to the needs of users, nearby production, high flexibility and adaptability Strong, can shuttle in various road conditions such as mountain flat bottom depression. This equipment is powerful, a mobile silt machine is equivalent to a whole silt production line, which can complete the silt work independently, or multiple mobile silt The combined production of machines can meet the diverse needs of users, and the mobile silt sand machine can save users a large amount of infrastructure costs, material transportation costs, labor costs, save a lot of time, and low comprehensive use costs. It is worth mentioning that this model The environmental performance of the equipment, if you want to easily overcome environmental difficulties, you can consider this equipment.

For more details, please see here

This article is limited due to space. , I just briefly introduce a few easy-to-use gravel silt machines for everyone. If you are interested in gravel silt projects and want to know more material output parameter selection and quotation information, you can consult Redstar technical staff for free, and we will You provide professional services.

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