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Easily wear factors of impact crusher



2020-09-02 18:57:54 1052

Impact crusher is a widely used equipment in sand making equipment. With the development of Chinas economy and the expansion of market scale, the requirements for sand making equipment are getting higher and higher, and the excellent performance of impact sand making machines has won customers However, this does not mean that the sand making machine is flawless. The impact sand making machine is easy to cause wear during use is a problem, so what is the cause? The following is a summary of Gold Mine for everyone. I hope it can help you.

Impact crusher plays a very important role in the sand production line, but it is also a wearable equipment that needs regular maintenance and repair. Extend the life of the sand making equipment and improve the work efficiency. The vulnerable parts of the impact crusher usually include the plate hammer counterattack liner, the shell lining plate and the rotor body guard plate. Among them, the plate hammer is easier to wear, and the wear cost is also higher. Therefore, reducing the wear of the plate hammer is the key to solving the wear of the impact crusher. The following are the factors that are easy to wear for the impact sand making machine summarized by Gold Mine.

1 The impact of the nature of the material to be crushed by the impact crusher The impact of the material to be crushed on the wear of the hammer includes: the nature of the material, the size of the particle size and the water content and other factors, and the impact of the nature of the material is too large, corresponding to different For the crushed materials, the unit pure wear of the hammer is very different.

2 The influence of the impact crusher speed The linear velocity is a working parameter that has a greater impact on the wear of the hammer. The reason is: the size of the line speed directly affects the size of the impact energy of the blower on the material, the size of the crushing ratio, and the particle size of the product. In addition, excessive line speed may also cause a sharp increase in the wear of the blower , This is because the material cannot enter the impact zone (or the depth of entry is very small) at too high linear speed, and it is caused by severe wear with the end of the hammer.

3 The impact of the impact crushers processing capacity and the discharge gap The impact of the sand making machines processing capacity also has a certain impact on the wear of the plate hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the product size will become coarser, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the plate will The unit pure wear of the hammer also decreases. Similarly, changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the size of the product to some extent, so it also has a certain impact on the wear of the hammer.

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