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Economic indicators of crusher



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Crushers have certain economic indicators for processing materials, whether it is from screening efficiency, or from consumption, from the amount of ore processed, or to the final product particle size, certain indicators are required.

The screening efficiency is an important indicator to measure and check the working effect of the sieving machine. Therefore, even if the screening efficiency is measured, if the screening efficiency is found to be low, the cause should be found in time and solved as soon as possible, otherwise the circulating load will increase. Reduce the efficiency of crushing and increase the wear and energy consumption of crushing equipment. In practice, the amount of ore supplied by the screening machine should be appropriate and even.

In addition to the normal wear and tear of the equipment, the crushing workshop also consumes electricity and steel. , Lubricating oil, water, tape are the main consumption items, and its consumption varies with factors such as the maximum size of the raw ore, the composition of the ore size, type, hardness, crushing process and crushing ratio. The consumption of electrical energy is more prominent, about It accounts for 69% of the total energy consumption of the whole plant, so reducing energy consumption is to reduce the cost of crushing, and it is also one of the effective ways to improve economic efficiency.

The amount of ore processed in the crushing workshop is an important quantity. Indicators, it should provide the grinding workshop with qualified particle size, sufficient quantity and a certain reserve of ore. To ensure the normal progress of the grinding operation, the processing capacity of the crushing workshop is the processing capacity of each section of the crusher, so it is improved The processing capacity of each stage of the rock crusher is one of the important ways to reduce the idling of the equipment, obtain reasonable economic benefits, and reduce unit consumption.

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