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Examples of application of cone crusher in copper mining industry



2020-10-12 15:57:54 1056

Cone crushers have many uses and can be used in many industries. We may often see articles written in the past, and many people have indeed seen real cone crushers in many industries. As for cone crushers, How crushers are used in these industries is not very clear to us, and we do not know what the cone crusher does in production. The following is an example of a copper mining application cone crusher , For everyone to analyze the specific purpose of the cone crusher.

The crushing production process of a copper mine uses two-stage crushing, and the raw ore with a particle size of 350mm is outside the PD600900 The movable jaw jaw crusher, the crushed product passes through the vibrating screen, the 12mm material enters the GYP1200 inertial cone crusher, and the 12mm material enters the powder ore bin.
Compared with the traditional crushing equipment, the inertial cone crusher and the jaw crusher Compared with the machine, it has the advantages of large crushing ratio, fine and uniform product size, low unit power consumption, and capable of crushing brittle materials of any hardness. It can achieve selective crushing of materials and meet the requirements of more crushing and less grinding processes. It is an ideal The use of inertial cone crushers to transform non-ferrous mines can achieve open-circuit crushing, reduce the particle size of the ball mill, and increase production and energy saving. At the same time, due to the simplified crushing and grinding process, it can save equipment and infrastructure investment. The reduction can not only improve its processing capacity, but also can use small diameter balls to reduce the consumption of steel balls by half, extend the service life of the mill liner by 071 times, and reduce the unit crushing power consumption of the crushing process by 3550. The simplification of the crushing and grinding process can eliminate the rod mill, which has significant economic and social benefits.
The new cone crusher produced today has occupied an important position in the crusher market. Mining and coal mining and many other industries are taking important responsibilities. Through our companys return visit to our old customers of cone crushers, they have given a high evaluation of the cone crusher, which is also a cone crusher. An affirmation and recognition of machine capability