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Exploring new ways to solve the right choice of crusher



2020-07-13 12:57:54 1039

In order to explore new ways to solve the problem of choosing a suitable crusher, the choice of crushing equipment type and specifications must be adapted to the physical properties of the ore. To meet the requirements of processing capacity and product pull, and factors in equipment configuration should be considered. It is related to the crushing performance of ore. The physical properties of the ore are mainly the hardness, density, drillability of the ore, the amount of drilling soil, the maximum particle size in the ore, etc.. The relationship between the maximum degree of the ore and the width of the crusher is one of the main factors for choosing the size of the crusher. Coarse crusher. Generally, the maximum tensile strength of the ore feed should not be greater than 0.80.85 of the width of the feed port. For the medium and fine glass crusher, it should not be greater than 0.850.9.

1. The choice of coarse crushing equipment

The ore processed by the metal mine concentrator is generally hard or medium-hard ore. It is suitable for the selection of teaching type crushers or rotary glass crushers in some non-metallic mines or In the cement industry, when dealing with medium-hard or soft ore, impact crushers can also be used.

The jaw crusher has a wide range of applications. Concentrator can be selected. The main advantages of the leisure crusher are: simple structure, light weight, low price, easy maintenance and transportation, small height requires a small plant height in terms of technology. Its work is reliable, and it is convenient to read and discharge the mine. It is not easy to block when crushing anabrasive ore and ore with more drilling soil. The main disadvantages are: the liner is easy to wear. The processing and lower than the gyratory crusher, the product is uneven and there are many excessive ridges. And it is required to uniformly feed the ore. .Need to set up Z feeder equipment.

Gyratory crusher is a kind of equipment with higher crushing capacity. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized concentrators. Compared with rice crushers, the main advantages are: Eda, under the same width of feeding LI and discharging mouth. It is 2.53.0 times that of suction crusher: less power consumption, uniform lining of the crushing cavity, uniform product grazing, and 900 nui: the above gyrating crushing The machine can be packed with feeding equipment. No need for feeding equipment. The main disadvantages are: the equipment structure is more complex, although the equipment is heavy, it requires a solid foundation, and the machine body needs a higher plant.

Domestic gyratory crushing There are two types of crusher and light type. The light type is generally only suitable for crushing limestone ore and other ore with low hardness and low density. In addition, there are two types of teaching crushers and rotary crushers suitable for use under special conditions. .One is a large-size, disassembled and hoisted leisure crusher, which is suitable for crushing operations in underground mines. The other is a semi-fixed or mobile gyratory crusher, which is suitable for regular or irregular mobile work in open-pit mining. Rock or ore crushing operations.

For the Dazhong 81 concentrator. Before determining the use of suction crushers or gyratory crushers, generally the equipment should be installed from the main vessel and installed power. The advantages and disadvantages of process operation are compared in terms of technology and economy, and the preferred one is selected.

Two. Selection of medium and fine crushing equipment

Medium and fine crushing equipment for crushing hard ores and medium-hard ore is generally selected Cone crusher: For medium crushing, use standard dishes for fine crushing, use short head 0, medium and small 19, and use two stages in the concentrator In the crushing process, a medium-sized round curtain crusher can be used in the second stage. It is compatible with the small-scale large-scale crusher. The compound pendulum fine crushing type collar crusher can be used. The fragile ores can be selected as a counter-roller or a counterattack type. Or hammer crusher.

The round curtain crusher produces reliable crushing power and large processing vessels, so it is widely used in mineral processing plants. Read who the crusher has elasticity Cone crushers and hydraulic national cone crushers are two major categories. Compared with bullet-cylinder-inlaid crushers, hydraulic ring-cone crushers are easy to achieve iron protection and automatic joint lubrication. The weight and external dimensions are small, but the hydraulic and dynamic The side construction and maintenance of the curtain support structure are more complicated. Because the two types of crushers have their own characteristics, they have been widely used and developed at home and abroad.

Choose a simple product for the roller crushing mechanism. Up to 12mm) and uniform. But the production capacity is low, the area is large, the roller is fast and uneven, and it is generally only used for small and medium-sized concentrators that process brittle ores or require reduction of over-crushing, such as in food concentrators that separate tungsten ore. .Used to crush intermediate products.

Impact crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for medium-hard or fragile ores, such as limestone, pyrite, coke and coal. Its advantages are Small product structure, simple crushing than large power consumption, processing it, large products have uniform tensile strength and selective crushing. The disadvantage is that the hammer and impact plate are easy to wear. Birds are often replaced. The well and the noise is loud. The impact of the impact crusher The crushing ratio is generally about 25. It can complete the task of two stages of medium and fine crushing at one time. It is widely used in non-metallic mines and coal industries.