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Factors affecting production efficiency of jaw crusher



2020-10-28 09:57:54 1117

Material affects production efficiency

1. The harder the material, the more difficult it is to break, and the more severe the wear on the equipment. The slower the crushing speed, of course, the smaller the crushing capacity. This requires us to The selection of materials should be moderate.

2. Composition of materials The more fine powder contained in the material of the jaw crusher, the more it affects the sand making, because these fine powders are easy to adhere to affect the transportation. Therefore, for fine Materials with a lot of powder content should be screened in advance. Fine powder should be screened out of the materials as much as possible, so as not to affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

3. After crushing, the fineness of the material is required to be high. The finer the material from the crusher, the smaller the crushing capacity. This aspect depends on the specific requirements. If there is no special requirement, the fineness of the material is generally set as Medium-fine is fine.

4. The viscosity of the material, that is, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. Therefore, when selecting the material, we must pay attention to the viscosity of the material that is not too large.

5. When the humidity of the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the jaw crusher, and it is also easy to cause blockage during the feeding and conveying process, which reduces the sand making capacity. Heavy Industry recommends that in this case, the humidity of the material should be strictly controlled when the material is selected. If the humidity of the selected material is too high, sunlight or air drying can be used to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

Discharge capacity affects production efficiency

How much material is crushed per hour, the production capacity is closely related to the crushing capacity and the discharging capacity, the discharging capacity is sufficient but the crushing capacity is insufficient or broken Sufficient capacity but insufficient discharge capacity, or insufficient both will affect the production capacity of the crusher. The crushing capacity of the crusher has reached the design requirements, that is to say, the crushing capacity of the crusher is sufficient and the production capacity of jaw breaking is insufficient. The main reason is the insufficient discharge capacity.