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Factors affecting the crushing force of the jaw crusher



2020-10-16 06:57:54 1082

The crushing force of the jaw crusher directly affects the stiffness and strength of the crusher components, and is related to the reliability and service life of the jaw crusher. Therefore, there are many factors affecting the crushing force of the jaw crusher. Several main aspects are analyzed.

A material crushing method. There are many forms of material crushing methods, such as crushing, splitting, bending, friction, and impact crushing. Gold Mine Heavy Industry believes that in actual crushing conditions, two or more stress states often act at the same time. We know that the jaw crusher puts the material in a state of tensile stress due to the action of the tooth plate, so the tensile stress is taken as the main crushing stress .

The particle shape of the material. When calculating the crushing force, the shape of the material is often assumed to be spherical, and the shape of the actual crushed material is mostly cubic or polygonal, which is closer to the actual working condition , We set the shape of the material as a cube.

The movement state of the three moving jaws. As the previous analysis shows, the crushing cavity is in the main crushing process, and the actual crushing cavity section accounts for less than the entire crushing cavity.

Four material properties. Different materials have different tensile and compressive strengths, and the crushing force produced by crushing is also different, so the calculation formula of crushing force should include the material Parameters of mechanical properties, such as tensile and compressive strength.